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Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or however you want to say it... Thanks to the folks at Frost (Hot Glasses) for the e-card... I liked it so much I wanted to share it...and keep an eye out for Frost Specs appearing at Paris West sometime in Late Spring 2010!

Holiday Hours/Flexible Spending/Gift Certificates

As we wind down 2009 I'd like to first thank all of our loyal customers for helping make it a great year. The economy was in the tank pretty much all year but we had one of our best years ever and your support is truly appreciated. Next we'd like to remind everyone that YES we do offer GIFT CERTIFICATES and if you need a last minute gift idea that's more unique than the same old perfume or tired necktie then stop on in. Our Holiday Hours will be the following: Wednesday 12/23 10-6 Thursday 12/24 10-6 Friday 12/25: CLOSED - Merry Christmas Saturday 12/26: 10-5 Sunday 12/27: CLOSED Monday 12/28: CLOSED Tuesday 12/29: 10-6 Wednesday 12/30: 10-6 Thursday 12/31:10-6 Friday 1/1: CLOSED - Happy New Year Saturday 1/2: 10-5 And finally if you have leftover Flexible Spending dollars that need to be used by years end we have the following ideas for you: (we'd hate for "them" to keep your money...whoever "they" are). You can buy a lifetime supply of Geritol

Richeles' New Specs

Just when I thought the only people reading this blog were my Mom, Kendalls' Grandmom, and random perverts looking for that Paris Hilton video comes proof that on occasion someone else out there is actually paying attention. Back in the spring we featured the super cool/ neo-retro frame from French design house Traction Productions (pictured above)..... well we are happy to say we've found it a good home. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Richele, who rumor has it was admiring the "Pistel" frame from a far. (A far meaning via the internets). When she finally made it in she was concerned that we may have sold it. As luck would have it, the customer who had put it on layaway (yes we DO layaway) had changed her mind and the frame was back on the market. As you can see it didn't stay on the market as Richele claimed it for herself. does look fabulous on her. Of course while she was here we couldn't help from giving Richele other options

Closed Saturday 12/19: Snowed OUT

We are sorry to announce that we will be closed today: Saturday December 19th due to the white stuff that's falling out of the sky. (really... look out your window). We will return on our normal schedule Tuesday December 22 at 10 am. In the meantime make some hot chocolate, build a snowman or throw snowballs at your cranky next door neighbor. (and BE safe) We will see you soon.