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Once again!... We are proud to announce that Paris West Optical has won the "Best of Baltimore" award for best eyewear. Thank you to our entire staff: Aubrey, Rudy-Poo, Doc Larry, Cailin, and of course the boss...Miss Kendall. Also thank you to Baltimore Magazine and our loyal customers for supporting us for these 16 plus years... you make it easy for us to come into work. We promise to continue to work as hard as possible to be deserving of this honor for years to come. Thanks again!

Jee Vice "Heated" in Orange Jubilee is in stock.

Just to try and cut down on the calls we receive....YES we do have the pair that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex and the City 2 in stock now. Come and get it. Or for more info click this link: Jee Vice Accessories PR Brand Profile

Now playing @ Paris West: Wyclef Jean - Fast Car ft. Paul Simon

In honor of somebody here at Paris West and the "driver improvement classes" he had to complete. Not that we want to mention his name... but since Cailin and Rudy don't drive and Dr. Larry owns a Prius you can probably figure it out for yourself. Slow down you bald headed dummy :)

New Carrera stock now.

We hope every one had a great 4th of July weekend. I actually was lucky enough to visit the family friendly city of Las Vegas... where it was a cool 100 degrees plus every day. Ok, it is 100 degrees plus in Charm City as I type this so I guess that's not so impressive. Speaking of hot, one trend I noticed over and over in Vegas (besides lots of short skirts, ample supplies of silicone, and lots of blond hair dye...wait, what was I saying again?)... oh yeah... the dominant eyewear trend in Sin City was the re-issued/re-imagined aviator shades from Carrera. Of course it didn't hurt that my room mate and travel companion wore his wherever we went. (Yes... he did get them from us.) We currently have a good selection of these in the store, but they are going fast... stop in and claim yours today.

July 4th hours

Friday July 2: 10-6 Saturday July 3: Closed Sunday July 4: Closed Monday July 5: Closed Tuesday July 6: 10-6 Have a happy and safe holiday!