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Frame O' The Day: DILEM Model: OF

 Those of you who were paying attention remember when we introduced you to the French collection Dilem. Oh? You mean nobody was paying attention? Welcome to my childhood (Hi Mom and Dad, I'm just kidding I swear)... anyway, back to Dilem. Each model comes with 2 sets of interchangeable temples (your choice) and the ability to purchase more if you desire...  As you can see in the pictures, you can mix and match to go with any outfit or mood or even wear unmatched temples to show how much of a rebel you are. Kind of like how I wear mis-matched socks on occasion. But that was kind of an accident. And it was dark. And I might have had a drink...or four. Moving on... we currently have the tortoise and crystal gray models in stock, but as you can see above the OF comes in 6 colors and we can special order anything that you want...if you're nice and pay attention, and don't laugh at my socks (at least not out loud).