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Happy Holidays and end of year store hours!

We hope that everyone has an amazing Holiday season as we prepare to head into a brand New Year.It's been another fantastic year here at Paris West and we'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make that possible. Before we head into 2015 (our 20th year BTW), we still have some business to attend to in 2014.
Here are our hours for the last days of 2014:

Wednesday December 24th 10-4  Thursday December 25th: CLOSED-Merry Christmas! Friday December 26th: 10-6 (Doc Larry is in and available) Saturday December 27th: 10-5 Sunday December 28th: CLOSED Monday December 29: 10-6 (RARE Monday open) Tuesday December 30th: 10-6 Wednesday December 31st: 10-6 Thursday Jan 1st: CLOSED- Happy New Year! Friday Jan 2nd: 10-6 (YES Doc Larry is in again) Saturday Jan 3rd: 10-5
Don't forget we have Gift Certificates available for those last minute shoppers and make sure that you use your HSA/FSA Dollars!!

Today is Small Business Saturday!

Stop in and see what's new! Tons of new arrivals from independent design houses like these from Coco Song.

Also like these from Orgreen Optics. Need a gift idea? We can help...and we also have GIFT CERTIFICATES available.

Don't forget your sunglasses...we have a ton available with prescription or without. Might even be a good idea to use your HSA/FSA flex dollars...just saying :)
We promise no lines, no pushing and no stop in and say hi!~

Coming soon: New Volte Face

We just had the privilege of seeing the new Fall releases from Volte Face and french designer Fabienne Coudray-Meisel and there's only one word that comes to mind... WOW.

An absolute amazing combination of beautiful colors and shapes...

Lets hope these get through customs quickly :)


OVVO in stock!

Check out this cool video!

 Handcrafted from surgical steel and titanium in Europe. Takes 65-85 production steps to manufacture.
 During testing hinges are opened and closed 300,000 times (equivalent to 205 years of usage) - they reveal no changes in structure or appearance.
Fully hypoallergenic some models are painted up to 8 times to assure a lasting beautiful color. When stretched OVVO frames can lift up to 90 lbs. (or pull a plane - check out their facebook page). When wearing the user can see through concrete walls and levitate.  -OK I made the last part up, just seeing if anyone is paying attention  :)

The Making of an Ørgreen Frame - New Arrivals coming soon!

Vinyl Factory- Now in stock

Handmade in France and inspired by rock and roll... with names like Vedder, Reznor, Bowie and Hendrix. Beautiful vibrant colors in timeless shapes. stop in and claim yours today!

Introducing Carlottas Village

We are proud to introduce another new addition to our product lineup here at Paris West. We always have had great success with Danish frame imports...Lindberg, Orgreen and Pro Design are still among our best selling lines. (I think the only unsuccessful Danish import was my short lived marriage to a Dane back in the 90's...but hey you can't win them all).
 Carlottas Village is the creation of Danish designer Charlotte Leith and her husband Bo. We are currently operating a pop-up shop (a fancy way to say that they're on our shelves) featuring their beta-titanium line. These amazingly light and durable frames are colorful and simple in their design and feature Charlottes custom designed rubber temple tips.
There are plenty of unique shapes for both men and women, check out their website at or better yet stop in and try them on in person.

Now in stock: New Etnia Barcelona and IGreen.

Ok ... this winter has been lame. Cold, freezing rain, snow... did I mention the cold? Polar Vortex, there's 2 words we could have really lived without knowing... but there is a bright side. Spring is coming. Really...they can't cancel it. (whomever "they" are)
 In order to be prepared for the Great Thaw of 2014 we've been busy buying LOTS of HOT new frames for whenever everyone ends their hibernation and comes out of the house. (what else are we gonna do? go outside??)
 2 collections have already found their way through the blizzard(s) and into our cold trembling hands... one newcomer: IGreen (pictured above with the gratuitous beach shot)- available downtown and one old friend: Etnia Barcelona (pictured below)- available downtown and in Bel Air.
 Both collections are reasonably priced and extremely fun and colorful...
so if you're brave then sled...I mean skate...I mean stop by and try a few on... our heat IS working. I promise.