Sunday, December 17, 2017

End of Year Trunk Show! FHONE, Roger, Tarian, Rain City and Ultra Limited!

It's that time again, the winding down of yet another year. Having done this 22 times already we are almost used to it (almost).

Our phones are almost back to normal, our shelves are stuffed with amazing selections and we have gift certificates available.

Doc Larry is in both Friday 12/22 and Friday 12/29 if you need to check your vision before you watch the ball drop on New Years Eve.

If you have some FSA/HSA dollars burning a hole on your wallet, we can help! 

And finally, for some big news, we are ending the year with a BANG!  Ok, maybe not a literal bang, I'm not allowed to have firecrackers after that one incident back in the 80's where I blew up my dad's 8-Track Player (and his REO Speedwagon music collection - hey, I thought I was doing him a favor).

Where was I?  Oh, that's right, the BIG NEWS. 

We are having (for the first time ever) a year end TRUNK SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Maybe EXTRAVAGANZA is a bit much, but who cares? It's certainly not Fake News. For 2 days only: FRIDAY 12/29 from 10-6 and SATURDAY 12/30 from 10-5 we will have the ENTIRE COLLECTIONS from the following Independent Designers/Design Houses:

Jeremy Tarian
Rain City
Ultra Limited

not 1, not 2, not 3... ok you get the idea.

This is MONUMENTAL! This in UNPRECEDENTED! This is A LOT OF HYPERBOLE!!! (sorry I promised I would promote this properly, try to work with me here)

Hope to SEE you there!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Our phones are down. The sequel.

What started last week has unfortunately continued into this week. Despite a Sunday service call and promises made to the contrary, our phones are still a mess of static and noise. Verizon promises a tech will be out again today from 11-3. (and I promise not to lose my mind).  Until then you can reach us  Thank you for your patience.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Pop-Up Shop- ULTRA LIMITED EYEWEAR. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday ONLY!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving... as usual we are open both today and Tomorrow. Doc Larry will be in today and has a few open slots if you are due for your eye exam. Please call the shop at 410.528.1877 to schedule.
 Also we have a little treat this year, as we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to host the East Coast debut for UltraLimited Eyewear from Italy.

These hand made Italian frames are made in amazing color combinations and are true 1 of 1 designs. Yes...that's not a typo...every one is unique, so if you have one, there isn't another match out there. For the next 2 days only we will have the East Coast sales agent's inventory exclusively at our downtown shop, BEFORE he takes them on his upcoming sales tour. This is an amazing chance to see them all before anybody else does. There are both optical and sunglasses available and they are ALL beautiful, if you're in the market for glasses and like unique and colorful then do yourself a favor and stop in. Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Best of Baltimore 2017

Thank you to the Baltimore Sun, our amazing employees and our loyal customers... 22 years and counting. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weather Alert: Opening 2 hours late downtown and closed in Bel Air

We will be closed in Bel Air today and plan to open 2 hours late at noon at our downtown location. We hope everyone stays safe!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

End of year is almost here...Flex Spending, Gift Certificates and GOLDSTAR SALES!

Our apologies for not keeping the blog updated on a monthly basis, those paying attention may have noticed that we spend more time with providing content to our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts... that will probably continue into 2017 so please follow and like us on both for the most up to date happenings here at Paris West Optical.
 In any event we are in the final month of 2016 and that can mean only 1 thing....

 It's time for the annual Paris West Optical "annoying reminders to use your flexible spending accounts and that we have gift certificates" post.

 So consider this your least the first one...there will be others I'm sure.
For the record our selection is as amazing as ever... a ton of new arrivals from all of the best independent luxury designers and a huge amount of sunglasses as well. New this year are our GOLD STAR specials...these are frames that were either overstock or manufacturer samples or just ones that we've grown tired of looking at. In any event these GOLD STAR frames are all 50% OFF. (yes that's HALF OFF for those of you who struggle with the mathematics). Obviously these are first come/first serve so don't wait too long to come in. (there's no truth to the rumor that the staff keeps putting gold star stickers on my back...well at least they tell me they don't)

As we wind down our 21st year in Baltimore (and 40th year in Bel Air) we would like to wish everyone an amazing Holiday season!  We hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Today is Independent Eyewear Day!

Celebrating the designers, products and shops that still embrace quality, service and beautiful handmade products. We still have a passion for this industry and love our customers and the products we represent. Not all eyewear is interchangeable, no matter how it's portrayed in the media or other advertisements. Stop in for expert frame styling, lens consultation and the largest collection of artisan eyewear in Maryland. Mention this post today or tomorrow and take $50 off your complete eyewear purchase or $25 off your frame/lenses only purchase. Let us show you the difference that decades of experience and the finest in quality can make!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram!

Along with FACEBOOK it's the place to get the most updates of all the happenings here at Paris West.

We have so many new and exciting things planned as we approach our 21st birthday...Amazing new collections from State Optical Co, Kirk & Kirk, Blackfin, Blake Kuwahara, PlaToy, Sabine Be, Marcel Wanders, WOOW, Roger Dutch Eyewear, iGreen Custom and more. New sunglass collections from reborn classics like Vuarnet, Revo and Randolph Engineering. New arrivals from our favorites, Bevel, Barton Perreira, Oliver Peoples, Mykita, Lindberg, Dita, Thom Browne, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Etnia Barcelona, JF Rey, Pro Design, LA Eyeworks, Jono Hennessey, Carter Bond, DeStijl, Oakley, Maui Jim, Kaenon, Persol, Cazal and so many others I can't mention them all.

Also our new "GoldStar Close Out Spex" shop within a shop is almost ready... where we have over 1000 amazing models available at closeout prices of 50% off.

We are also starting an "internet glasses trade in" where we will take your made in China glasses purchased on the web and credit you the full amount paid to the purchase of a new pair of amazing independently designed specs of your choosing. (Goldstar closeouts included.) We will then donate your old pair to the Lions Club or similar charity.

More updates are forthcoming so make sure you like us and follow us today!

Safilo by Marcel Wanders. Among the hundreds of new Spring styles in stock now!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We are super proud to debut this amazing collection to the Baltimore market. Having been a supporter of Jason Kirk and his amazing work, going back almost a decade, we think this is his best collection yet.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blackfin - Neomadeinitaly - In stock!

"Wake Up"... WOOW Eyewear is in stock now!

 From the cofounders of the iconic French line: FACE A FACE comes this irreverent, colorful and super stylish line. Pronounced "Wooooo" and not "Wow", each frame (and sunglass) comes with it's own unique message and is made in Italy.

Really, every frame model is a message unto itself.

From: "Super Duper", "Come On", "Never Mind", "Feel Good", "Wake Up", "Go Ahead" among many others.

There's a rumor that my employees have requested a model in my honor for a future release: the "Shut Up". But that's only speculation. In any event you should "Hurry Up" and check these out... We "Can't Wait" to see you.  :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

 I hope everyone is prepared for the alleged "most romantic day of the year"... I'm sure some of you have already bought your significant other their gift...wrapped it... and are sitting smugly at home sipping your hot chocolate laughing at the rest of the procrastinating masses.

You probably are the one who packs 3 weeks before your vacation too (congratulations). Oh well, this post isn't for you... however, if you're still at a quandary as to what to buy, let us suggest a less cliche option than chocolate or about a shiny new pair of spectacles?? (or sunglasses for that matter.) We just received a shipment of beautiful new selections from our Belgian friends at Theo. In our opinion Belgian glasses are better than Belgian chocolates. Not that we're biased or anything.

Not sure what to get? (there are thousands to pick from). Well don't despair... we have GIFT CERTIFICATES available too. So get up, get dressed (warmly, it's kinda chilly out) and meet us at the shop... either Downtown or Bel Air, you pick. might wanna wait til we open at 10. ( I mean you waited this long, what's a few more hours?)

 See you soon and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Final Days of 2015! Store schedule and more.

Really? The year is almost over? That's what the calendar says anyway...but it also says it's the 1st day of winter and it's been like 60 degrees outside so what does the calendar know anyway?

 In any event we are down to our last 7 days of business for the year... so these are your last chances to come and use those expiring FSA dollars. Or to buy that amazing and unexpected gift for that person that has everything. Or because you know, you actually need new glasses.

 We also have lots of sunglasses in stock too (both prescription and non-prescription). Check out the all new Kaenon collection (downtown) and both Maui Jim and Oliver Peoples West (both downtown and Bel Air).

 Lots of colorful and unique hand made european designs that can't be found in the mall and aren't made in China like the knock-offs sold online.

 But that's enough babbling from me (for this year anyway), so without further ado here are the FINAL store days and hours for 2015!

Tuesday 12/22: 10-6
Wednesday 12/23: 10-6
Thursday 12/24: 10-6
Friday 12/25: Duh.   Merry Christmas!
Saturday 12/26: Back to work 10-5 Downtown 10-1 Bel Air
Sunday and Monday 12/27 and 12/28: Closed
Tuesday 12/29: 10-6
Wednesday 12/30: 10-6
Thursday 12/31: 10-6
Friday 1/1:  Happy New Year!
Saturday 1/2: 10-6 Downtown and 10-1 Bel Air

We hope to see everyone soon ! Have a great Holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year! And as always, THANK YOU for another amazing year!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Volume 2 - Bel Air Edition: Oliver Peoples, Jono Hennessey and Zen Barcelona

 It's Small Business Saturday! You know what that means right? Of course, you do. You shake off your turkey induced stupor, hop in your car, and drive to your nearest Wal-Mart/Best Buy/Target/Mall and spend an hour looking for a parking space for the right to wrestle with your neighbors for that $36.89 TV or limited edition toaster oven/blender/hair dryer.

No... not really.

It means you support your locally owned and home grown small businesses that provide jobs, services and unique products for your community. And in this case helps Aubrey feed her 3 adorable (and hungry) children. (yes this is a gratuitous attempt to tug at your heart strings... if it doesn't work I'm breaking out pictures of sad puppies and kittens next time)

Besides... we have lots of new beautiful items in Bel Air ...including new limited edition silk embedded frames from Australian designer Jono Hennessey.

Also some funky interpretations of classic styles from Spanish design house - Zen Barcelona. And actual vintage designs from long time favorite Oliver Peoples. Rumor has it theres also a fresh coat of paint and free coffee too. What more could you ask for? So avoid the traffic and parking hassles of the mall or box stores (we have easy and free parking) and stop in and pick up a unique gift or gift certificate. Then afterwards you can stroll down Main Street (in actual authentic fresh air) grab some lunch and check out all the cool things our neighbors have to offer. Have a happy Saturday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide. Volume 1- Downtown Edition: DITA, Bevel, Blake Kuwahara

 As we head towards the Holidays at a breakneck pace (Mentally I'm still in July...of 2001) it's time to start planning what to buy your significant and insignificant others for the Holidays. Or, if you're lucky and you have a stockpile of expiring Flexible Spending Dollars, you can plan on what to get for yourself.
 Since we have 2 locations (YES, really... that was so 2013) and they don't have identical inventories we will be doing various updates for both locations. This is for the one downtown...Bel Air will have lots of beautiful options available as well (some will be featured in forthcoming blog posts and on Facebook). Also look for a new store renovation (and a new haircut for Aubrey... maybe)

 In any event lets start with some old favorites: Bevel and DITA as well as a new collection from one of our all time favorite designers: Blake Kuwahara.

 We have beautiful optical and sunglass options from all 3 collections in the shop if there's a family member or friend or co-worker who's still rocking the free insurance glasses they got in 1996 then you know what to do. And as always, GIFT CERTIFICATES are available.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gearing up for Fall.

Sorry for the extended time between posts... we've been too busy celebrating our 20th anniversary -us and the Ravens arrived about the same time, for the record we were here 1st :)   (by a few months anyway).

For a more regular update please visit (and LIKE) our FACEBOOK page as it's updated weekly.

So what do we have planned for the next 20 years? Glad you asked... I'm actually planning on taking a nap.

But before that I can promise you that we will be bringing in an awesome assortment of the coolest, most stylish and unique eyewear that the independent luxury market has to offer.

Among the new arrivals for fall include the first ever Paris West Optical private label collection (Limited Editions and ready to wear are here now). Also we will adding the Zen Barcelona collection in a matter of weeks. (pictured below)

Already in attendance are beautiful designs from Dita, Thom Browne, JF Rey, BOZ, Alain Mikli, Bevel, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Mykita, Lindberg, Philippe Stark, OVVO, Traction Productions, Volte Face, Barton Perreira, LA Eyeworks, Orgreen, Etnia Barcelona, Vinyl Factory, Milano 6769, Carter Bond, Pro Design -Denmark, Jono Hennessey, DeStijl, FRED, Tag Heuer, NW77th, Tom Davies, Waza and so many more that my feeble mind can't remember them all.

Stop in and lets start the Fall season with a sexy new pair of specs.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day! (our Spex are sweet but calorie free)

It's that time of year again...the point on the calendar that makes many mens' blood run cold with fear and dread. I'm talking about the end of football season of course...a close second on the list is the age old quandary of what original idea you're going to come up with for Valentines day. (I'm told a case of beer doesn't qualify as original OR romantic...what a bunch of crap.)

 If you're still not sure what to get your significant (or insignificant) other or others (no judgement), for this holiest of all made up commercial Holidays... wait, did that sound cynical?

hmmm... what did I want to say again??

look a cookie, I'll be right back.

oh, yeah, so anyway...if you want an original gift that won't die in a week or help spur the onset of diabetes then consider giving the gift of SPEX (eyeglasses, sunglasses and gift certificates available). Who knows, maybe you can drop the P shortly thereafter. (if you're into that sort of thing. I just want another cookie.)

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. - we are open today 10-5