Come and check out our “New” Bel Air location

They say never to change a great thing. I don’t know who “they” are , but maybe you can improve it just a little. After 43 plus years we figured we could tweak our Bel Air location just a bit. So some renovations, some new inventory, some new decor but still the same great service and staff you expect from us. Stop in and see Barb, Jim and Lisa and check out our new changes. I think you’ll like them.

Spring Preview/Follow us on Instagram

As we make our way thru Winter and get ready for Spring we are already welcoming a large amount of new selections for your eyewear wardrobe. As a reminder, we only update the blog infrequently as the majority of our immediate updates will be done via INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, so do us a favor and go follow/like us on those platforms so you won't miss out when something really amazing happens. (so maybe amazing is hyperbole, let's go with really cool) OK.. go ahead, we will wait here for you. Really we have all the time in the world,  just click the links...

Welcome back :) as we were saying there's a TON of new stuff here and on the way... including selections from : Lindberg, Moncler, Kirk and Kirk, Louis Belgium, Platoy, Dandy's, Dolabany, Orgreen, Bevel, Pro Design, WOOW, Oakley, Vuarnet, Maui Jim, Mykita, Garrett Leight, DIOR, Oliver Peoples, Lowercasenyc, Chantal Thomas, State, Plume, Vanni, Jacque Marie Mage, THEO, Anne et Valentin, Tehia, POP, Etnia Barcelona, FE…

Holiday Hours and a rare Monday appearance.

We wish everyone an amazing Holiday! 

 Here are our hours for the remainder of 2018
Tuesday 12/25: CLOSED Wednesday 12/26: 10-6 Thursday 12/27: 10-6 Friday 12/28: 10-6 Saturday 12/29: 9-1 (Bel Air) 10-5 (Downtown) Sunday 12/30: CLOSED Monday 12/31 10-4 (Downtown)

Doc Larry is downtown on Friday 12/28 and has a few appointments still available. Yes! We are open on a Monday, just this once  for anyone who has FSA money that needs to find a home ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Don’t forget to FLEX ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

If you have expiring flexible spending dollars, we can help! We have a ton of beautiful new designs in stock looking for new homes. Among them the amazingly durable and stylish new collection from OVVO Optics. Don't settle for average glasses, stop in and let us style you in the perfect pair for you to see in the New Year. But don't wait, 2019 is just around the corner!

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Hours

Just a heads up, that we ARE open at both locations today and tomorrow.

Baltimore will be open 10-6 today and 10-5 tomorrow (Doc Larry is in TODAY only and has some appointment times available, call 410-528-1877 to book an eye exam)

Bel Air will be open 10-6 today and 9-1 tomorrow for Small Business Saturday.

We hope every one has had an amazing Thanksgiving, stop in to maximize your flex spending dollars or give the gift of great spex and get a gift certificate!

PRIX FIXE by Paris West. Old School Service at an Online Price.

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates pretty much all this year, it's been hectic (and I'm old so I move slower). However, my New Years Resolution (that I'm making in November) is to update a LOT more often... both here and on Facebook and Instagram.

 To that end, we are excited to announce the official launch of our exclusive new PRIX FIXE collection. (that's fixed price in French or so I'm told...and hey we ARE Paris West after all).

 With all of the online and discount eyeglass options out there, my friends and customers would ask what we had that would be in a similar price point. The reality was we had nothing, we are a high end, high service boutique and the cheap options out there were quite honestly too crappy to get excited about. (Yep, call me an eyewear snob, I can handle it).

I always would claim that if I wanted to I could source, curate and create a line that would be stylish and decent quality and would fit in with the amazing selection of high end eyew…

Spring Cleaning Sale! Look for the GOLD STARS!

With Spring around the corner and all of the big optical trade shows happening now and in the near future, we are super excited to see what new beautiful specs we will have arriving in the coming months. Unfortunately there's a small problem...we don't have any room to put them.

So this bit of bad news for us is good news for you...we are having a sale. A BIG SALE. We will have hundreds of amazingly beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses at both our Downtown and Bel Air shops marked with pretty sparkly GOLD STARS. You know the kind, the cool stickers you got when you performed well in school. Well, actually I had no idea what they looked like until recently. Now a dunce-cap, I was pretty familiar with, but that's another story for another day.

So stop in, look for the shiny gold star stickers and SAVE 50% off that pair of eyewear. No, that's not a misprint, it really is 50% OFF, but only while supplies last, cause when they're gone, they're gone for good.

See you…