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Now in stock: New Etnia Barcelona and IGreen.

Ok ... this winter has been lame. Cold, freezing rain, snow... did I mention the cold? Polar Vortex, there's 2 words we could have really lived without knowing... but there is a bright side. Spring is coming. Really...they can't cancel it. (whomever "they" are)
 In order to be prepared for the Great Thaw of 2014 we've been busy buying LOTS of HOT new frames for whenever everyone ends their hibernation and comes out of the house. (what else are we gonna do? go outside??)
 2 collections have already found their way through the blizzard(s) and into our cold trembling hands... one newcomer: IGreen (pictured above with the gratuitous beach shot)- available downtown and one old friend: Etnia Barcelona (pictured below)- available downtown and in Bel Air.
 Both collections are reasonably priced and extremely fun and colorful...
so if you're brave then sled...I mean skate...I mean stop by and try a few on... our heat IS working. I promise.