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My apologies for a lack of updates thus far in the new year. As some long time customers may remember I used to bring my dog "Cujo" into the old store on a regular basis. Sadly Cujo lost his battle with heart disease a little over a week ago and we all had to say goodbye to him. For those who don't know his story, I referred to Cujo as the worlds most expensive free dog. (and the expression "so ugly he's cute" seemed to be created for him. I personally always thought he looked like the illegitimate love child of Brittany Spears and Cookie Monster). I found him (or he found me depending who you ask) when he ran in front of my car in a downpour back in November of 1999. Smelly, filthy and covered in fleas he looked like a large wet rat... and I wasn't too enthusiastic when my then girlfriend suggested that "I needed a puppy" and that I should give him a home. Fortunately for him and me, he was a happy and friendly dog who grew on me immediately.…