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New Arrivals 13 & 14: Chanel and Cole Haan

Just in time for Mothers Day(according to my Mom anyway) we have gotten in a boatload of new spring collections from luxury designers Chanel and Cole Haan. Actually it's box loads but boatload sounded cooler at the time. There's tons of new eyeglasses and sunglasses in stock now, so many that I can't showcase them all but we're well over 100. I can't actually count that high, so that's the best guesstimate I can muster. The Cole Haan line is brand new and the first ever offering in the optical market for them. There's really elegant and understated eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women. There are nice titanium and acetates and some come with leather detailing. (I'm just highlighting the womens stuff for my Mothers Day sales pitch...don't worry Dad I'll be highlighting things for Fathers day too)

New Arrival 12: Limited Edition J.F. Rey

My friend (and Mykita, T2, and J.F Rey sales rep) Steven was in town recently to visit. He had lots of cool stuff to show...which is on its way to us as we speak (more on that when it arrives). As usual when he's in Charm City we go out for a night on the town...this time the conversation was about the limited edition J.F Rey collectors series and how cool and hard to get it is. As the drinks flowed, I inquired about scoring a pair or 2 for our shop and Steven said that he wasn't sure if that could happen. Well...thanks to help from Baltimore's "Star-tender" and one of my best friends- Duane "Hollywood" Henderson- Steven woke up the next day with a hangover, and we woke up to not 1 but 2 pairs of the Gothic collectors series from J.F Rey. Check out these crazy specs... perfect if you're a rock-star, a wannabee or a contestant on "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels. They come with a super-bad case and are available now.

Theo: the Trilogy

It seems my Theo posts have ruffled a few feathers with a member of our optical community. I won't mention any names (think ego maniac who puts their name in front of the business Jimmy Ray Calhouns Waffle Emporium). Any way, it's been said that we're late in jumping onto the Theo bandwagon. Late? we were on the bandwagon before there was a band... or a wagon. Pictured above are 2 pieces from the original collection EVER from Theo. Back before Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinski we were selling these aluminum works of art like they were going out of style. These are the remaining 2 we have and YES, they are for sale. Here's another O.T. (original Theo) that's already been spoken for. Theo maven and long time customer Cornelia V. has staked her claim to these beauties and they will bring her collection to a robust 5. No word yet if she's getting a Theo tattoo but we'll keep you posted. We're so hardcore into Theo that we're now offering Th

New Arrival 11: Orgreen

It was the summer of 1997 in Denmark, 3 friends, Henrik Orgreen, Gregers Fastrup, and Tobias Wandrup were enjoying the weather (and maybe a Torborg beer or 2) when they came up with an idea to start a unique sunglass collection. The collection would be built around the concept of frames as art and they would be like nothing the industry had seen before. There was one small problem: sunny days in Denmark are only slightly more common than warm days in Antarctica...and soon the company was in the red. It was at this time when they had the elusive "a-ha" moment (being broke will have that effect on a person)...and decided to switch over to opthalmic frames. Combining inspiration from the functional and glamorous American classic car designs from the 50's with the influence of renowned international designers as Arne Jacobsen and Louis Poulsen. The guys created a line that is innovative, minimalist and clean, sexy, functional and of the highest quality. Besides that they hav

Theo: Part Deux

ok, ok... I realize that was a pretty long time for breakfast but I got side-tracked watching playoff hockey and making anagrams out of the name Ovechkin. As promised, here are some more cool shots of Theo eyewear...there's so many in stock that it's actually hard to choose which ones to showcase. The line is so colorful and unique that it's inspired me and lab manager Rudy to create our own line. We're going to fill a small, yet untapped segment of the market- eyewear for really little dogs. We had a tough time deciding who's name to make an anagram from so we flipped a coin and Rudy won. So without delay we're proud to announce "YURD" eyewear...not coming to an optical boutique near you. Since we're already taking a page from the Theo handbook we decided we needed a cool catchphrase like "Theo Loves You"... here's what we have so far: "Yurd...just 4 letters removed from Turd" or "Yurd is the word" This is g

New Arrival 10: Theo

Theo loves you. No, not the kid from the Cosby Show. Theo (pronounced Tay-o) the unique optical line out of Belgium. And you thought that the only thing that came from Belgium were chocolates and waffles. (not that there's anything wrong with either...they even go nicely together..oops I'm getting off on a food tangent) Anyway, Theo is the brainchild of Belgian designer Patrick Hoet. You see Theo is an anagram of his last name. Anagrams are cool but these specs are even cooler... Even Aubrey thinks they're cool...yes, that really is Aubrey with yet another new haircut. We call this one brunette soccer mom. Well actually I call it that...she just calls me a jackass. Here's a few shots of what's available...I have some more but I couldn't get them all to load on one post, so after I have some breakfast I'll be back with the rest. Now I just need to google a good Belgian Chocolate Chip Waffle recipe.