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New from Gail Spence

As loyal readers know...we're big fans of the Gail Spence collection here at Paris West. We've sold the re-issued models to customers from coast to coast... The upside-down rimless was such an ingenious idea for reading glasses and the aluminum design was both durable and timeless...
After 20 plus years...somebody finally had the bright idea..."what if we turn them upside down..or right-side up...and make traditional eyeglasses out of them....BRILLIANT!" At least that's my supposition of how it happened...nobody tells me anything.

anyway we are proud to announce that these are NOW IN STOCK... the upside down/right side up...whatever you want to call them Gail Spence models... stop in and try one on.


First of all let me apologize for the LONG delay between's a combination of lazy summer days (when not much new product arrives), a broken camera (which has been replaced), and a horrible internet service provider...(which has also been replaced)...anyway we are starting to see new Fall arrivals make their way into the shop...and one undeniable trend is the oversized vintage look. Or neo-geek... or my favorite which the fine folks at L.A. Eyeworks started...Nerdvana.
One of the new arrivals I mentioned is the "Deacon" from Oliver Peoples...pictured above in Olive Fade and Chocolate Horn. Extremely solid and well for men or women.
Speaking of L.A. are the "Pick-Up" in Red and "Hitch" in Black...we have a ton of other similar products in stock if you feel the need to embrace your inner nerd (or if like me you just actually are a nerd) stop in and check them out. Pardon me as I go back to humming this song…