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New Arrival 4: Boz

Fresh from winning awards at IOFT (International Optical Fair Tokyo) and Silmo(a big fancy show in Paris) we have some really wicked hot (note the faux Boston accent) new frames from Boz, the sister collection to the french line J.F. Rey. Actually I can't say with certainty that they're brother and sister...they could be cousins or mother/daughter or lovers for all I know. (Hopefully not any combination of the above). In any event we have a bunch in stock including the "Silmo d'or" winning Kaprisse and Kanel models. I know "Silmo d'or" sounds awfully close to "soup d'jour" but I assure it's way cooler and guaranteed not to burn the roof of your mouth or to stain your blouse.

Pictured above is the Kanel model in rouge/noir or red/black for all you non-french speaking neanderthals. Of course included in that group is yours truly, but I'm fluent in pig latin so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Unless of course that you don't…

New Arrival 3: Limited Edition Paolo Seminara

Just arriving this past Friday are 3 limited edition, HANDMADE combination frames from Italian eyewear designer Paolo Seminara. I know, I know, everybody uses the term "limited edition" nowadays...kind of like limited edition Simpsons slurpee cups at 7-11, but these really are limited. There are only 250 of each model in existence worldwide. That's right I said "worldwide"...and we have 1 of each. These neo-vintage specs are a twist on the classic 60's combo frames with the heavier top bar and thinner bottom rim. From the top we have model Alcazar in a 52 eyesize, color T648 Black Marble. It is numbered #25 of 250. The next 2 are model Aisen, the middle being color T622 Golden Brown, #58 of 250 and the bottom is color T23 Dark Tortoise #53 of 250. Both Aisen models are 53 eyesize and a little larger in circumference to the Alcazar. As usual I've attempted to capture the sheer beauty of these frames and as usual I've come up short. I'd recommend …

How we select the frames we carry

A regular question we get asked is "Who selects the frames?". It's common knowledge that some shops travel to optical trade shows both domestically and internationally to select their offerings. Others will bring in outside sales reps and spend all day trying on each and every frame finding the ones that are "just right". We at Paris West Optical have a different approach... a secret weapon if you will. We call her the "frame fairy". Part Nostradamus and part magic 8-ball the frame fairy uses her magical power to predict what will be the latest and greatest eyewear fashions for the coming year. Just don't ask her any questions, because the only answer she seems to have is "NO". According to the all-seeing fairy the hot colors this year will be "ornje", "boo" and "geem". Pictured here is the fairy selecting this springs fashions with the assitance of yours truly- she lets me hold the catalogs for her.

and YES …

New arrival 2: Carolina Herrera and John Varvatos

Arriving a bit ahead of schedule are the new John Varvatos (GQs' reigning designer of the year) and Carolina Herrera eyewear and sunglass collections. The entire staff gets so excited when we get cool new stuff in as they love to unpack it and try it on. Then of course there's Kendall and I, we get excited about the bubble wrap. It's kind of like Christmas morning...well except for the part that we kinda know what's in the box already, and the lack of fancy ribbons and wrapping paper, and without my ditzy Aunt Gertrude giving me a bottle of Old Spice...again.

The Varvatos line is a very clean, vintage inspired collection for men and the Herrera line is sophisticated and sexy for women. Both offer some of the nicest sunglasses we've ever carried. My favorite part is that both lines are being developed and designed in collaboration with one of my favorite eyewear designers ever, Blake Kuwahara. In the optical industry he's pretty much a legend having created the p…

New arrival 1: Infinity by Staffan Preutz

From the same mad scientist/designer who thought that women needed a pair of eyeglasses designed exclusively for funerals. No, seriously I couldn't make that up, google Staffan Preutz and see for yourself...this is a man who thinks outside the box, or in this case is that inside the box? hmmm I'll have to think about that...

Anyway, proving the adage that genius is a close cousin to insanity or that if at first you don't succeed, try try again...we have received a sampling of the Infinity collection from this Swedish eyewear designer. Available in 3 versions, the 500,700 and 750 series, these streamlined specs consist of a virtually indestructable NXT shield front with superlight titanium temples. The prescription lenses are suspended inside the shield giving a sleek and rather futuristic look. Honestly I've never seen anything quite like them before, I've attached a stock photo but these frames need to be seen and tried on to fully appreciate them. They come in a m…

A new year and new arrivals

Happy New Year to all of our customers and Thank You for helping to make 2007 our best year ever. Not wanting to rest on our all honesty I don't know what that means. What's a "laurel" anyway? I dated a girl named Laurel once, I don't know if she'd appreciate me resting on her...I'm still working off my holiday weight.

Anyway, not wanting to rest on anyone, Laurel or otherwise, we're already ramping up for 2008. Tons of boxes arrived yesterday with even more scheduled for delivery later this week. As we unpack we're going to try and post images over the next few weeks to give you an idea of what's here...stay tuned we have some cool stuff coming.