How we select the frames we carry

A regular question we get asked is "Who selects the frames?". It's common knowledge that some shops travel to optical trade shows both domestically and internationally to select their offerings. Others will bring in outside sales reps and spend all day trying on each and every frame finding the ones that are "just right". We at Paris West Optical have a different approach... a secret weapon if you will. We call her the "frame fairy". Part Nostradamus and part magic 8-ball the frame fairy uses her magical power to predict what will be the latest and greatest eyewear fashions for the coming year. Just don't ask her any questions, because the only answer she seems to have is "NO". According to the all-seeing fairy the hot colors this year will be "ornje", "boo" and "geem". Pictured here is the fairy selecting this springs fashions with the assitance of yours truly- she lets me hold the catalogs for her.

and YES that IS my real hair and NO my shirt was not a table cloth in its former life, but thanks for asking.


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