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End of Year Trunk Show! FHONE, Roger, Tarian, Rain City and Ultra Limited!

It's that time again, the winding down of yet another year. Having done this 22 times already we are almost used to it (almost). Our phones are almost back to normal, our shelves are stuffed with amazing selections and we have gift certificates available. Doc Larry is in both Friday 12/22 and Friday 12/29 if you need to check your vision before you watch the ball drop on New Years Eve. If you have some FSA/HSA dollars burning a hole on your wallet, we can help!  And finally, for some big news, we are ending the year with a BANG!  Ok, maybe not a literal bang, I'm not allowed to have firecrackers after that one incident back in the 80's where I blew up my dad's 8-Track Player (and his REO Speedwagon music collection - hey, I thought I was doing him a favor). Where was I?  Oh, that's right, the BIG NEWS.  We are having (for the first time ever) a year end TRUNK SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Maybe EXTRAVAGANZA is a

Our phones are down. The sequel.

What started last week has unfortunately continued into this week. Despite a Sunday service call and promises made to the contrary, our phones are still a mess of static and noise. Verizon promises a tech will be out again today from 11-3. (and I promise not to lose my mind).  Until then you can reach us  Thank you for your patience.