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Victory in stock.

We are happy to announce that we have won the 2010 Baltimore City Paper Readers Poll for "Best Eyewear Store". (Not to be confused with that other award we won earlier this year or the ones from last year...or the year before that...or...well, you get the idea)...A big Thank You to the readers of City Paper, our staff,our loyal customers and yes you Mom for all of your votes. We feel it's kind of fitting that we also have received the new vintage reissue collection from the old school American company, Victory Optical. Being modeled above by our new apprentice Cailin... along with the just plain old Rudy-Poo.
These models are EXACT replicas from the original Victory collection that were so popular decades ago... my Grandfather even had a pair... and he was cool...really, don't ask what happened to me, I guess I was the apple that fell off the tree....and rolled down the hill...and got ran over by the milk truck.
Anyway, each frame comes with a soft case/cleaning cloth,…

VICTORY!... 2010 City Paper "Best of Baltimore" Readers Poll.