Sunday, June 27, 2010


As promised... here are some shots of our current inventory of Dilem frames. I will caution you however, that unlike me, these look much better in person. I look much better from a very dim light... with your eyes closed. Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


From France...home of the worlds most disappointing World Cup team (apologies to my French about that Landon Donovan?)...anyway...where was I? Oh yeah... from the not disappointing in any way French company...DILEM... is a collection we are super excited about.
We are proud to announce we are the FIRST optical shop in Maryland to offer this innovative and colorful collection. (I'm sure our one of our uninspired, copycat competitors will follow suit eventually... but for now we're the only one...)
What makes this collection so unique you ask? Besides the great shapes, superior quality and vivid colors? Oh.... well how about the fact that the temples are completely interchangeable? Wearing a red dress? (like me on a Saturday night...oh wait...did I say that out loud?) can add red temples to match. Need to tone down for a job interview... switch those red temples out for basic black. There are countless options of various thickness, color and even funky patterns. Each pair of Dilem comes with 2 sets of temples to start with and you can order as many as you want...whenever you want. I will post some images of our current stock (30 models, about 80 temple options) as soon as possible...but if you can't wait, feel free to stop in and say hi.