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video explosion/Dr. Rubins schedule

We apologize for this weekends cavalcade of music videos...looks like YouTube exploded all over our blog. Things should return back to normal now... ok maybe normal isn't the best choice of words. In other news, Dr. Rubin (AKA Dr. Larry) will be away at a conference this week. He'll return on Tuesday August 26th and Friday August 30th. Appointments are available.

Fettes Brot - Bettina (featuring Walter by Mykita)

I'm not sure who told these guys that dancing was a good idea. At least the glasses look good. Your results may vary.

more about "Fettes Brot - Bettina (featuring Walt...", posted with vodpod

Gail Spence- UPDATE

We've been swamped with requests for the Gail Spence re-editions, so many that we've stopped taking pre-orders and have just started taking names and emails with requests for colors/models desired. We promise to fulfill all requests as soon as possible....whenever that is. We may achieve peace in the middle east before that at this rate. The good news is we do have ONE model in stock and available NOW. It's pictured above and of course it's a color that nobody has requested...yet. It's a copper front with silver temples and purple screws. Email us at if you'd like more info. First come, first served.

Ronnie and his new specs

Longtime customer Ronnie M. stopped by to pick up his new Orgreen specs yesterday and reluctantly allowed us to post a pic of him with them on. (word of my horrible photography skills precedes me I guess) Ronnie is wearing the Orgreen Dash in dark olive. They look fantastic on him...even though he looks like he wants to hit me. (get in line buddy)

How we select the frames we carry: UPDATE

You may remember an earlier post where we introduced you to our "frame fairy". If not, then scroll down to January and refresh your memory....go ahead, I have plenty of time.....

Ok, now that that's out of the way, since we're growing at such an insane rate, and we're inundated with new collections and products to view (we currently have over 7000 options in stock), we've had to recruit reinforcements.
Introducing the "frame gnome"... a slightly older and wiser relative to our fairy.
The gnome (no relation to the garden gnome from those travel commercials), spends her days sorting thru products, labeling them her "favorite ever" or "pretty pretty", as well as dancing to "MissDonna music" and requesting copious amounts of "chokit milk". As fall approaches, stay tuned as we'll have plenty of new "pretty pretty" arrivals in the upcoming weeks.