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Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

 Great Spex>jelly beans and chocolate covered eggs (don't get me started about peeps)...just sayin'... and they're unleavened for those celebrating Passover. We hope everyone has a great holiday!

New Barton Perreira video : Traffic

Image  click the link to check it out.

Spring Preview

 I'm sorry for the lack of 2013 updates... I guess we're still recovering from our "Raven Superbowl Victory Hangover"...along with the fact that we've actually been crazy busy (thank you for that)...we do update our Facebook pages on a weekly basis, so if you have a need for more useless commentary and pretty pictures then feel free to like us or friend us (or both). Despite the dearth of posts there is certainly not a dearth of new beautiful products arriving in the shop. (my New Years resolution to reign in my purchasing lasted approximately 24 hours this year...which is an improvement over last years 22 hours so I'll take it.) Here's a brief sampling of the goodies in stock or on their way for that new Spring look you're considering. Up top we have Patty Paillette...absolutely beautiful handmade Italian frames for women... you've never seen anything like these. Chanel for a more subtle Italian design                       Jono Henness

Closed today due to weather

Due to the snow, sleet, freezing rain, poor drivers etc we will be closed today  :( We will however be back tomorrow at 10 am  :) The even better news is that our new spring arrivals (like those from Etnia Barcelona - pictured above) have already arrived.  So once winter is finished having it's final little tantrum of 2013, stop in and we can help you welcome spring with a sexy new pair of specs :D