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Digging out of the snow...HOT NEW STUFF...NOW IN STOCK

Now that we've officially dug ourselves out of the snow it's time to dig ourselves out of the piles of new boxes that are being delivered on what seems to be a daily basis. Spring is just around the corner (really!) and we are going to push the limits again in 2010. (Don't ask me where all this stuff is going to go...I haven't figured it out yet.) Here's a brief run down on what is just the beginning... pictured above are a few 2010 releases from Chanel and Tiffany.
New stuff from IC! Berlin
Vintage recreations from L.A. Eyeworks.

Imaginative and feminine creations from Jean Lafont.

And we will have TONS of new sunglasses just in time for the suns emergence from hibernation, here's a few that just arrived from Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith. Like I said this is just the tip of iceberg, (unfortunate pun intended), so check back or better yet stop in and try something on.

Paolo Seminara Limited Edition

Ok..I guess it's time to actually post something eyeglasses related...since it IS February and we've already had 3 snow related posts and none about eyewear. Thankfully right before the latest blizzard we did receive some limited edition Paolo Seminara specs from Italy. The first is "Achille" serial numbered 1 of 250. That's right only 250 exist and this is numero UNO. And as the Saints (and the formerly known as Baltimore Colts) know...# 1 is way better than #2.
Next we have the "Abel", serial numbered 11 of 250.
Finally we did receive "Aric" which is not serial numbered, but is still limited...seeing as we only have one in stock. Cool color scheme in black and red...maybe a good Valentines day gift...or you could always give rock salt and a shovel. 10 days until pitchers and catchers report...stay warm everyone.

Yes we are closed today.

Not even a yeti is crazy enough to venture out in this mess. I do like the snow though even if it makes Charm City seem like a ghost town. Speaking of ghost towns, enjoy this Shiny Toy Guns video while you're trapped inside. See you on Tuesday...

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