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Black Friday

Now that everyone has over-eaten and awakened from their tryptophan induced comas it's time for everyones favorite shopping day...Black Friday. Ok, well maybe not everyone wakes up at 5 am to wait outside in the cold at the local Wal-Mart for a chance to buy that 9.99 toaster oven. But for those that do... stay scare me.

For the rest of you we just wanted to let you know that, YES, we will be open both today and tomorrow. Dr. Larry even has a few spots left on his schedule today for those of you in need of an eye exam. For the rest of you, I hear that Costco has heated socks- buy 2 get 1 free. Line forms to the left.

New Arrival: Okki "silk collection"

Silk...not just for breakfast anymore. Wait a minute...that's crazy talk. Let me try again... Silk...not just for ties anymore. Ok that's a little better, still kinda lame as a marketing slogan though, might explain why I sell eyeglasses for a living.
Anyway, crazy seems to be a theme for me recently. Continuing that trend are the new handmade silk collection frames from Italian design house Okki. Fortunately this is crazy in a GOOD way. As opposed to the crazy from my personal life. As Jack Nicholson once said "Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here".
And what we're stocked up with are absolutely beautiful handmade Italian acetate frames with beautiful Italian silk embedded in them. Yes...inside of them. Each item is handmade and each one is unique. Kind of like snowflakes without the annoying melting part.