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July 4th Holiday schedule

Here's our upcoming schedule for the week of July 4th: Tuesday July 1st: 10-6 Wednesday July 2nd: 10-6 Thursday July 3rd: Closed Friday July 4th: Closed Saturday July 5th: Closed Sunday July 6th: Closed Monday July 7th: Closed Tuesday July 8th: 10-6 Unfortunately the entire staff has to be in court all day Thursday July 3rd due to a shoplifting incident in April (the reason we have to lock up our showcases-in case you were wondering)... the other 4 days we'll be visiting family, watching fireworks and over-eating (well at least that's my plan). We hope everyone has a great and safe holiday and we'll see you on July 8th.

Funny Eyeglasses Commerical

While we're gone...check out this european eyeglasses ad.

Currently playing at ParisWest: Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

Just because I've been asked 3 times this week...and YES, the entire album is good.

New Arrival 20: Kirk Originals

Now in stock! No...not the guy with a ferret on his head...the handmade, funky eyeglasses from the UK. (That's the United Kingdom...not the University of Kentucky for those of you scoring at home.)
Here's a few stock photos...We'll post some in stock photos soon... In the meantime check out the rather amusing website...
If you're too lazy to click on the link, check out the dude in the video below...

Adam Felman endorsing Kirk Originals

No...he is not a relative or an employee. He kind of scares me actually.

New Arrival 19: SALT

We were happy to have Joe from Salt Optics stop by earlier this week. (Kendall was happy to make him try on womens sunglasses and pose for pictures and we were just happy to check out the new models). That and Joe, like Ron S. and everyone else at Salt, is one of the nicest people in the industry. Seriously, even Rachel in accounting is super nice...I'm almost happy when she calls me for payment....almost.
We've actually been a Salt retailer since last year but we're in the process of beefing up what we carry, and will continue to do so as we move forward. Salt is an independent optical company...really...their slogan is "Salt. The Independent Optics Company" so even a dullard like me can figure it out. The line is premium handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses featuring clean, timeless design and the highest possible quality. All of the optical frames feature the best materials, hinges, and finishes with not a hint of logos or branding. The Salt website...http:/…

More from Bevel

Just received a few new releases from Bevel that were featured at Vision Expo East. From top to bottom we have "Fifth Street" in Tusk, "All In" in Chartreuse, and "Big Slick" in Dark Grey/Dark Blue.


Coming in the next 2 weeks...until then enjoy the video. I'm not sure who forgot to take their medication, but stay to the end... there's puppets.

New Arrival 18: FUNK by Royal Optics

About a month ago Vlad and his family visited (all the way from Vancouver) to show us the new collection from FUNK by Royal Optics (brainchild of German DJ Dieter Funk). We were happy to see him as our inventory of Funk eyewear had dwindled down and was in need of replenishing.

Kendall was also happy since she got to play with Olivia for a few she is showing her how to pose. (I think she's trying to look fierce, or maybe that's just her beaver imitation)
The product is beautiful, polished and matte handmade acetates in an array of sizes and shapes. Check out the scalloped temples on the top pair.

There's also some cool sunglasses (the line originated as a sunglass only line). Here's Aubrey and yet another hair style.

Harumi and her new specs

We've never posted a before/after feature on the blog before. Probably because it's a cliche and been done to death. This past Friday however we changed our mind. Harumi and her entire family stopped by to visit and help her replace her glasses that were probably 15 years old. (Back when Kendall was negative 13 and I had a full head of hair...almost) As you can see they're a bit dated...almost vintage actually.
After narrowing down the options Harumi decided on the Bevel "C.I.D." in Black/Red. Perfect fit, great the weekend she can be wearing her glasses in public and her children won't object (or hide). Thanks again to Harumi for permission to feature her on the blog.

New Arrival 17: Oxibis

Straight outta Jura (France that is) comes Oxibis eyewear. It's a funny company Oxibis. 1st of all there's the name. Rhymes with octopus and sounds like some type of french feminine hygiene product. Then there's the point of purchase materials. Lots of pictures of peoples eyes...winking...and not wearing any eyewear. Kind of like some strange cult of weird winking french people, I'm not sure if it's subliminal or just silly. Then there's the weird rubberized cases. Kendall thinks they're cool, but she's 2 and she probably thinks they're a Fisher-Price product.
The good news is that despite all of that, the product is phenomenal. Great colors and shapes for both men and women. Pictured above are frames from the Naya collection. (the 1st is also pictured on our apprentice Heidi at the top) Pictured here are the Silmo award winning Axis collection (in case you didn't know there's a huge image of the award printed on the demo lenses- very subtl…