New Arrival 17: Oxibis

Straight outta Jura (France that is) comes Oxibis eyewear. It's a funny company Oxibis. 1st of all there's the name. Rhymes with octopus and sounds like some type of french feminine hygiene product. Then there's the point of purchase materials. Lots of pictures of peoples eyes...winking...and not wearing any eyewear. Kind of like some strange cult of weird winking french people, I'm not sure if it's subliminal or just silly. Then there's the weird rubberized cases. Kendall thinks they're cool, but she's 2 and she probably thinks they're a Fisher-Price product.
The good news is that despite all of that, the product is phenomenal. Great colors and shapes for both men and women. Pictured above are frames from the Naya collection. (the 1st is also pictured on our apprentice Heidi at the top) Pictured here are the Silmo award winning Axis collection (in case you didn't know there's a huge image of the award printed on the demo lenses- very subtle)... screwless hinges and superlight and durable in semi-rimless titanium.
Here are the aforementioned cases...don't worry we have other cases to give out, you can use these to carry your crayons.


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