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A public service announcement from our resident Village Idiot

Hi... this post is for you... you know who you are...the one with the glasses purchased at the place where you buy toilet paper in bulk. I know... you saved a chunk of change by buying that made in China masterpiece that adorns your face...yep, the one with the flaking finish and fancy spring hinges...that stopped springing back in 2004. I'm not passing judgement...ok that's a lie...I am... I'm not very tactful...ask my ex-wife. Anywhoo...don't take this wrong way..I'm all in favor of saving money...I'm just saying that maybe there are better places to save it instead of on the item that goes on your know the one that you actually SEE out of. If I had a dollar for every time I see someone who spent more money (usually much more) on their watch or shoes or tie or handbag than they did on their eyeglasses...well then I'd buy all of you nice glasses... but until then consider this:  The average pair of well made glasses should last about 5 tim