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Now Playing @ ParisWest: K'Naan -"ABC's"

Straight outta Mogadishu. Yes...the one in Somalia...yes that's in Africa... If, like 2 1/2 year old Kendall, your knowledge of hip-hop begins and ends with Kanye West (whom she refers to as Johnny Cash...don't ask) then you need to expand your horizons... you can thank me later. more about " Now Playing @ ParisWest: K'Naan -"ABC's" ", posted with vodpod

New Arrival: Gold&Wood

In the cold winter months we don't get too many new arrivals as we wait for spring, all bundled up in our hats, and bide our time waiting for the weather to break. Fortunately, we've had the good fortune of some hot new arrivals to warm us up (and give me something besides football to talk about). We love the new models that Gold&Wood has delivered to our door. Handmade in Germany, Luxumborg, and France these are truly luxury eyewear frames which have no peer. Check out the handcarved wood treatments on the top frame above. Or the middle frame which is carved out of pure natural buffalo horn and hand etched with diamond chips on the temples. Each piece is handmade from the finest metals or precious metals and the temples are either handmade from natural african woods or natural buffalo horn. Some, like the one in the middle above are even dripping in diamonds. I've seen other companies explain that their frames are "jewelry for your face", but Gold&Wood tr

New Arrival: Gold&Wood ...continued

Here are some more pics from Gold&Wood, in this case from their brand new "Wood-Look" series. Some great full frames for men pictured above. The rimless in this collection are a visual treat with bold, bright colors and thick natural wood temples with bold geometric "tattoos" emblazoned on them. Of course Miss K couldn't miss an opportunity to mug for the camera...and to show off her new leopard shirt. (she thinks the leopard spots are polka dots however)

Coming Soon: New J.F. Rey and Boz

Our friend Stephen stopped in this past week (pictured above with a shot of camera hog Rudys' hand) He brought with him a TON of new J.F. Rey and Boz new releases for 2009. There was just an unending supply of great new shapes and colors for men and women... ...and yes, even some kids frames. (Which Kendall tried on at least 3 times each) Handmade (yes, by adult hands) in France from the finest acetates and metals including titaniums and aluminums, J.F. Rey has always been a big seller for us. We think the 2009 collection is one of the best ever and predict a big year for them. The new stuff is set to reach us by the beginning of March and we'll be updating you as soon as it does.

Now Playing @ ParisWest: Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee

It's a new year and a time for change and resolutions. This video reminds me of our new resolution for 2009 to not purchase or sell any products manufactured in China. With these big "insurance" companies and monolithic chain stores forcing these inferior products down our throats we've decided that enough is enough. We've carried a small amount of these products in order to stay competitive in the years past but that stops now. So as of this month we have stopped any orders from companies who distribute these products and whatever we have left in stock is being sold off and not replaced. Don't worry, this will just give us more room to bring in even more unique product, from responsible companies who put people and quality ahead of profit. We will still continue to do our best to work with your various "insurance" plans but we will NOT be carrying any of their frames or using their discount lab services. We promise you to offer only the best product

New Arrival: Freudenhaus

Freed from their previous US distributor, the fine folks at Freudenhaus have taken control of their product and are bringing classic German styling to the States. At least that's what I'm told. Anyway, we just broke out the new goods- just in time for the new year. (Happy New Year by the way). Pictured above we have "Whip-It" in Grey/Lavender, "HoneyBunny" (yes...HoneyBunny) in Mocha, and "Gibson" in Platinum/BrownOlive. In addition to the titaniums/metals we also have some handmade acetates as well. Here we have "Kent" in Bamboo, "Fred" in Havana, and "Dutch" in Onyx. We think the collection is pretty cool, Kendall however thinks they're "souper". Stop in and form your own opinion.