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Fall Kickoff: New from Boz

As we head into September and the upcoming Fall season everyone who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis (all 2 of you) know that in addition to back to school and football, Fall also means that we have an excuse to buy lots and lots of new product for the shop.  Helping us to "kick off" these new arrivals is our now semi-retired pocket sized super model, Kendall, who took time off from her hectic first grade schedule to stop by and showcase these beautiful designs from J.F. Rey's companion collection - BOZ.  These acetate and metal/acetate combinations are super unique, colorful and extremely feminine... and they are just a hint of all the cool new stuff that has just arrived. As far as Kendall goes... we did ask if she wanted her job as supermodel/boss back but she said she's too busy with school and plans to pursue a career as a movie-star/dinosaur hunter...but she did promise that she will visit us on occasion. But if you're in the market for some