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Holiday/Dr. Larry Hours

Now that we're less than 48 hours from Christmas, I guess I should post what will be the "Official Paris West Optical Holiday Hours" for 2008. First the shop will be open the following days/hours: Tuesday 12/23: 10-6 Wednesday 12/24: 10-4 (closing early for Christmas Eve, gift certificates available for you last minute shoppers) Thursday 12/25: CLOSED (Merry Christmas) Friday 12/26: 10-6 Saturday 12/27: 10-5 Sunday 12/28: CLOSED Monday 12/29: CLOSED Tuesday 12/30: 10-6 Wednesday 12/31: 10-6 Don't forget to spend your flexible spending dollars. Thursday 1/1/09: CLOSED (Happy New Year!) Friday 1/2: 10-6 Saturday 1/3: 10-5 No, that's not a 6th grader with a beard... that's the world famous, greatest, bestest, eye doctor in the whole world. (decked out in full winter regalia)... Dr. Larry Rubin. Dr Larry will be IN the following days/hours: Tuesday 12/23: 10-2 Friday 12/26: 10-6 Tuesday 12/30: 10-2 Friday 1/2: 10-6 The entire staff wishes everyone Happy Ho

Now Playing @ ParisWest: Alkaline trio--MERCY ME

I know, I know, the new, less dark, more commercial sound isn't everyones favorite. (me included) But it sounds nice in the shop and Kendall can sing along. So stop being so elitist and enjoy it...and maybe if you keep the hate mail to a minimum I'll post an older tune as well.

Alkaline Trio: Stupid Kid

As promised an older song for you.