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Spring Preview/Follow us on Instagram

As we make our way thru Winter and get ready for Spring we are already welcoming a large amount of new selections for your eyewear wardrobe. As a reminder, we only update the blog infrequently as the majority of our immediate updates will be done via  INSTAGRAM  and  FACEBOOK , so do us a favor and go follow/like us on those platforms so you won't miss out when something really amazing happens. (so maybe amazing is hyperbole, let's go with really cool) OK.. go ahead, we will wait here for you. Really we have all the time in the world,  just click the links... Welcome back :) as we were saying there's a TON of new stuff here and on the way... including selections from : Lindberg, Moncler, Kirk and Kirk, Louis Belgium, Platoy, Dandy's, Dolabany, Orgreen, Bevel, Pro Design, WOOW, Oakley, Vuarnet, Maui Jim, Mykita, Garrett Leight, DIOR, Oliver Peoples, Lowercasenyc, Chantal Thomas, State, Plume, Vanni, Jacque Marie Mage, THEO, Anne et Valentin, Tehia, POP, Etnia Barcel