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Fall Preview: SALT Optics. In stock now.

Fall Preview: Tom Ford

It's almost Fall. I know, it's 100 degrees and the thought of bending over to tie your shoes makes you break out in a sweat. (Why do you think I wear slip ons?)
But seriously, (and when it comes to this blog I'm always serious. Or something. Maybe seriously annoying but why quibble?) it's just a matter of weeks until back to school, football and cooler temperatures.
Of course this means that we are starting to see new cool arrivals already making their way into the shop... kind of like how Christmas decorations show up in stores before Halloween is even over...I'll try and keep up with all the stuff we get, but it's going to be a lot. I have a problem...I like beautiful product and I buy a ton of it. Look for me on a future episode of the show "Hoarders" sometime in the future.
The first of these arrivals are from American designer Tom Ford. AKA the man who saved Gucci. Vintage inspired and crafted in Italy... great neutral, wearable colors and flatterin…