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PRIX FIXE by Paris West. Old School Service at an Online Price.

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates pretty much all this year, it's been hectic (and I'm old so I move slower). However, my New Years Resolution (that I'm making in November) is to update a LOT more often... both here and on Facebook and Instagram.

 To that end, we are excited to announce the official launch of our exclusive new PRIX FIXE collection. (that's fixed price in French or so I'm told...and hey we ARE Paris West after all).

 With all of the online and discount eyeglass options out there, my friends and customers would ask what we had that would be in a similar price point. The reality was we had nothing, we are a high end, high service boutique and the cheap options out there were quite honestly too crappy to get excited about. (Yep, call me an eyewear snob, I can handle it).

I always would claim that if I wanted to I could source, curate and create a line that would be stylish and decent quality and would fit in with the amazing selection of high end eyew…