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Holiday Hours

As we wind down 2007 here are the remaining days we'll be open. None. Ok, I'm just kidding...or hoping...or something... Actually the big news is that in an egg-nog induced haze (non-alchoholic of course), I've decided that we'll be open on a Monday for the first time in...well ever actually. Yes, all of the flexible spending procrastinators can rest easy knowing that the crack (cracked?) staff of Paris West Optical will be up bright and early waiting to take your orders on New Years Eve, Monday December 31st. Actually we'll be there 10-5 and it will only be lab manager Rudy and myself as the rest of the staff was not seduced by my enticing offer of free pizza and buffalo wings. So without further delay, from the home office in Key West Florida (yeah right), here are the PARIS WEST Holiday Hours: Saturday 12/22: 10-5 Sunday 12/23: Closed Monday 12/24: Closed Tuesday 12/25: Closed Wednesday 12/26: 10-6 Thurday 12/27: 10-6 Friday 12/28: 10-6 Dr. Rubin IS in, som

Current product lineup

It's come to my attention that our web master links visitors to our website to this blog for a full list of brands/collections we carry. I guess that means I need to provide such a list. (I'm perceptive like that.) In actuality it would probably be easier to list the brands that we DON'T carry. Now there's an inspired we go: you WILL NOT find the following frame lines in our store: Nintendo, Britney Spears, Joan Collins, Pepsi, or John Deere. (YES, these are real brands that some genius CEO decided were good ideas to pay licensing fees for. I know that when I think of fashion I think of Pepsi.) Ok there you go thanks for stopping by, be careful driving home....... OK, our office manager and internet guru Aubrey has informed me that this isn't acceptable and is forcing me and my 3rd grade level typing skills to list every brand currently in our shop, I guess that means this post will show up sometime in 2012. Here's the lineup as of 12/6/07 (subject

Store picture 2

Ha! It worked, you can put your phone or keyboard away now. Yes Mom, that includes you too. Here's another shot...I call this one: "The back of the shop." Notice how steady I held the camera, I may have missed my true calling. If you look closely you can see our lab manager Rudys' elbow. He looks pretty in purple dosen't he?

Store pictures

It's been more than a year since we moved to our new location but I've had a few customers ask me why there are no pics of our new place online. I really have no explanation except for maybe the fact I'm a slacker or that I've been too busy playing video games online, maybe it's I'm technologically challenged. In any event I'm going to attempt to post some now. Either you'll see them here or you can call in the store to ridicule me - it's win/win.

New arrivals -now in stock and coming soon.

We just got in a ridiculous amount of new products with even more coming in the next week. In the store now: New high tech titanium frames from MYKITA and LINDBERG, simple classic designs from SALT, handmade colorful plastics from PAOLO SEMINARA and NOUVELLE VAGUE, classic sunglass designs from GIORGIO ARMANI and MOSELY TRIBES, laser etched titanium from WAZA, the award winning TORNADO design from DERAPAGE, new designs from Sheila Vance in her SAMA and LOREE RODKIN opthalmic and sunglass collections, and some of the funkiest german frames I've ever seen from FUNK by ROYAL OPTICS. Coming in the next week (give or take a day or two): CHANEL, both sunglasses and optical frames - close to 100 models to choose from. Also ANNE et VALENTIN a super colorful and funky french collection, EYE-TEM a colorful metal line from Holland and we are proud to announce we are one of only 6 accounts in the mid-atlantic region chosen to launch the TIFFANY Jewelry luxury line of sunglasses. These ultra

Gift Certificates available and Don't forget your flexible spending $$$

2 things to consider as we enter the holiday season. First, we have gift certificates available for those on your list who could use an eye exam, contact lenses, some new funky eyeglasses or a nice new pair of sunglasses. Second is a reminder to use your flexible spending dollars. If you find yourself with some extra money in your FSA at years end why not celebrate your good health with a new pair of eyeglasses? I mean it's just an idea, you could always use the money on a lifetime supply of geritol or maybe an elective root canal.