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Thanksgiving Week Hours

In an effort to avoid some of the countless calls to are the official Paris West Optical Thanksgiving week hours of operation: Monday 11/23: Closed (as usual) Tuesday 11/24: 10-6 Wednesday 11/25: 10-6 Thursday 11/26: Closed (thanks Captain Obvious) Friday 11/27: 10-6 (Dr. Larry IS in and appointments ARE available) Saturday 11/28: 10-5 Have a safe Holiday and if you can shake off your post Thanksgiving tryptophan induced stupor and make it off the couch then stop in and see us.

New Arrival: Volte Face

I think back about 100 years ago I posted that we were getting the French collection : Volte Face. Well... I have a confession to make. We got them. 2 months ago. I'm just a slacker...and getting our resident super model to pose for a decent picture nowadays is as easy as getting Rush Limbaugh to say someting nice about Barack Obama. So in order to expedite the process I gave Miss K. complete artistic control over the images we use on the blog (this one at least). Above is the Volte Face model: "Matt" in Amber Tortoise. I'm not sure who "Matt" is exactly but I think Kendall really captures his essence in the photo. Here are the 3 color options that "Matt" comes in... note the stained glass effect on the temples. Speaking of stained glass... here are models: "Nara" and "Dita" with 100% titanium fronts and hand carved temples filled with acetate. Rounding out the collection we have "Cary", "Maje" and "Kni

New Arrival: Alek Paul

Also now available is the fall collection from Alek Paul. Modeled above by Aubrey and Kendall who are sporting their matching "angry Russian wash women hairstyles...aka I don't feel like styling my hair early on a Tuesday." Handmade and uniquely feminine these frames are flattering and funky without being over the top. Wow...Feminine, Frames, Flattering and Funky all in the same sentence...someone learned alliteration in remedial english class. I guess if you take the same class 4 times something is bound to stick. And the usual disclaimer applies...we have ONE of each so stop in now and try them on.