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Ton of NEW FALL Arrivals...

Please accept our apologies in not posting for bit. When we were not dodging rain drops, or waiting out hurricanes or surviving earthquakes we were actually busy having our best summer ever. The good news is that we sold a ton of product... which can only mean one thing...we had to replace all of it with even MORE product... This Fall season might be the largest collection of new models that we've ever presented at one time. Quite honestly there's not even enough room to store much less display it I guess we'll have to sell some. (what a concept). I took a bunch of (my trademark poor quality) photos to try and give everyone an idea of what's in stock now...but it's just the tip of the iceberg. (insert requisite Titanic joke here). So without further ado (and devoid of my usual attempts at being witty...besides the ones already in this post) is a glimpse at what we have in stock now. (with a few surprises still to come). Above we have models from …

Fall Arrivals...continued

Zero G
Bevel titanium
Eye DC
Barton Perreira
ic! Berlin

Fall Arrivals...continued

the "Matt" collection from Alain Mikli
More from Chanel
Oakley Opthalmic (we have NEW sun as well)
limited edition Iyoko Inyake

Fall Arrivals...continued

Retro collection from Spectacle Eyeworks.
Pussy Galore... stop snickering, really that's the name. Dad get your mind out of the gutter.
Salt sun
Salt titanium
Salt acetate

Fall Arrivals...continued

Orgreen Optics
Absolute Vintage reproductions from Spectacle Eyeworks.
Handmade Brasak acetate from Mikado of Germany.

Fall Arrivals...continued

Sama sun
Derek Lam sun
Derek Lam
Ok..that's enough for now... more to come.

Labor Day Weekend Hours

We ARE open today (Thursday 9/1)as well as tomorrow (Friday 9/2) from 10-6. Doc Larry (pictured above) IS IN tomorrow and does have a few appointments available- call for availability. (410.528.1877)

We will be closed Saturday 9/3 thru Monday 9/5 in observance of the Labor Day holiday as well as to avoid the Race traffic and to consume as many adult beverages as humanly possible. (ok that's probably just me). We will return Tuesday 9/6 at 10 am. (well probably not me...I might still be recovering but the rest of the staff will be here). We hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!