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Coming Soon: Zero G Eyewear

Once again we are pleased to announce that another new collection is on its way to Paris West Optical. Zero G eyewear is handmade in Japan from 100% titanium flat sheet metal. There are no screws or solder points and the frames are extremely comfortable and durable. We will post pics on facebook as soon as the product arrives in about a week or so.

New Arrivals from FUNK

We are very pleased to welcome back into our inventory the elusive "Uther Pendragon" from Funk eyewear. No, that's not the name of a German porn actor... its the ultra modern/neo-retro/ super cool pair of specs from this German design house. Funk eyewear is handmade and ultra scarce... we had this model in before and it didn't last long...I wouldn't count on a lengthy stay this time either.

Shades O'Plenty

RESORT SPRING 10 // VIDEO LOOK BOOK Tons of new sunglasses now in stock...including: Mosley Tribes (click the link), IC! Berlin, Salt, Mykita, J.F. Rey, Oakley, Maui Jim, Carrera, Chanel, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Tod's, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Brittany Spears. (Ok that last one was a joke...just seeing if you're paying attention. Besides, we're old school...we prefer Madonna...pictured above in a model from IC! Berlin.)