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More L.A. Eyeworks

We've had a few requests for more L.A. Eyeworks pictures... so not wanting to disappoint anyone (besides my parents or ex-girlfriends- but that's another subject entirely)'s a few more pics of our new arrivals. Pictured above is Aubrey rocking the "Echo Park" with matching blouse. (sorry, matching blouse and new soccer mom haircut not included). Pictured here are the aforementioned "Echo Park"in turquoise/black marble, the "Eagle Rock" in blue cork, and a vintage re-work in dark brown from the Fiction collection. Note the striped interior. They say that stripes are thinning...hence all of the pinstripe suits in my wardrobe. Heck, I even need pinstriped pajamas. Here we have the "Sawtelle" in blue/violet, the "Juarez" in wood panel, and the "Kilgallen" in brown horn. The wood panel reminds me of the gigantic station wagon that my mom would take us to school with in the morning...It was so big and embarassi

New Arrival 9: L.A. Eyeworks/Fiction

"sleeping on the job" First let me apologize for an almost 2 week gap between updates and for some delays in responding to various emails/questions. No, we weren't really sleeping on the job - well most of us anyway. We've just been super busy as the weather has warmed up and the new products roll in. The good news is that we're almost caught up and should be back on track... for at least a week anyway. Now...back to what's new...not that L.A. Eyeworks is new to us-we've been fans for so long that we've acumulated frames dating back more than 20 years...that's right...they're so old they're vintage. (that's what I say about myself too but nobody pays any attention). Anyway, we're happy to say that for more than 2 decades those crazy (in the best sense of the word) ladies (Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi) at L.A Eyeworks have been putting out funky, eclectic specs that are timeless and classic while staying way off the beaten

New Arrival 7 & 8: Glamour & Ed Hardy

Sunglasses...they're not just for celebrities to hide behind on the way to award shows or rehab anymore. That's bad news for our resident celebrity Kendall (there's no truth to the rumor that she's in a treatment center for addiction to fruit snacks and chocolate milk) but good news for everyone else. In celebration of this news, as well as the arrival of daylight savings time and springtime, we at Paris West Optical are seriously increasing our sunglass offerings. We have tons (ok, maybe not "tons"...maybe "lots") of funky new sunglasses in stock (over 1000) as well as a bunch more in transit... To start we have the new Glamour line pictured above. These handmade Italian shades are made from the finest quality Italian zyl and are dripping with swarovski crystals. The colors are beautiful and the majority of the collection will work with prescription lenses. At the other end of the swarovski spectrum, we have the second series of shades from tatto

Frame of the Month - March

Welcome to the first ever Paris West Optical frame of the month selection. Seeing as how we currently have over 6400 frames in stock I figure we should work our way through them all in roughly a bit over 530 years. Anyway, without further ado (another expression that I have no clue what it means. I mean what the heck is "ado" anyway?)...the March 2008 selection for frame of the month is C.I.D. from Bevel. It's not many frames that can fit onto my round, Charlie Brown looking head and make me look reasonably stylish. (I said the hate mail, yes Mom, this means you too). We currently have the following 5 colors in stock: Olive/Gold, Dark Blue/Dark Gray, Black/Red, Gray/Swimming Green, and Dark Brown/Dark Blue. Pictured above (with Kendall who's wearing the "niblet" from L.A. Eyeworks) is my pumpkin head in the C.I.D. in the Dark Brown/Dark Blue. This frame is 100% pure nickel free titanium and is extremely comfortable and flexible. My head, h