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Now in Stock: Etnia Barcelona

When you think of high-end frames usually France, Japan, Italy, Denmark or Germany are the usual suspects that come to mind as far as where they are manufactured. Not in this case...Playing the role of Keyser Soze we have newcomer Etnia Barcelona from Spain. Who is Etnia Barcelona? How the heck do I know... I had to watch "The Usual Suspects" like 30 times before I figured who Keyser Soze actually was. (I'm slow like that)...anyway Etnia features reasonably priced acetate and combination frames in vibrant beautiful colors. Above we have Aubrey in the Tel-Aviv in Brown/Turquoise. A trademark style for the collection, the Noosa in Black/Grey Chess (or checkers for simpletons like me.) The Tel Aviv in Brown/Gold Chess Tel Aviv (again) without Aubreys noggin in the Brown/Turquoise. The Aqaba in Green/Gold.

Etnia Barcelona: More Pics

Mogadiscio in Copper/Navy Noosa in Black/ Brown Chess (no sleep til)Brooklyn in Pink/Grey Brooklyn in Violet/Amber on Aubrey. By the way...Aubrey is not moving to Michigan, or Alabama, or to the Shire for that matter. Fortunately those plans fell through and she will be around to continue to make my life a I mean provide fodder for my blog posts...oh, and do an exceptional job running the office.

Coming Soon: Volte Face

Sorry for the delay in updates...we're still recovering from our most successful trunk show to date. Thanks for all of those who stopped by to see us...and a big thanks to the many people who decided to make purchases. We are currently working hard filling all of the orders and some of you may have already picked them up at this point. I apologize for lack of pictures from the trunk show, but we we're so busy that I never even had a chance to take my camera from out of my briefcase. As we move forward we have a bunch of cool arrivals making their way in of them...Volte Face from France will be here next week. I promise to post some shots once the goods are here (really...I will) but if you're curious check out their website : .

Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Trunk Show: This Friday and Saturday

Yes that's right...THIS WEEKEND! All the cool specs and shades featured in this video as well as a whole bunch many more you ask? Well just every single one from the 2009 collection. In every color. In every size. Special deals, maybe a prize or two, and some free food. No, Zooey D. won't be in attendance...but Steve Kramer will... who's Steve Kramer you ask? (actually every one asks that)... he's just the bestest, greatest sales rep of Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith spectacles in the great state of Maryland. (he's also the ONLY Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith sales rep in the state of Maryland but why quibble over small details). Hours are Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. So bring a friend, bring a significant other, bring an insignificant other, bring your flex spending card just don't miss it...It may never happen again. (at least not til next year.)

not to be forgotten: Mosley Tribes

Yes...If all the cool OP and Paul Smith specs weren't enough we're making Mr. Kramer bring the Mosley Tribes sunglass collection as well. At least he'll get some exercise this weekend hauling the frame bags around. (his wife can thank me later.)