Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!! (remaining 2011 schedule)

2 days left in 2011!! Did you max out your Flex Spending account?? No... not your credit card account (Hi Mom)... your flex dollars may pull a Cinderella and turn into a pumpkin at the end of the day Saturday if you don't act now. (Yeah... a little overly dramatic, but we sell eyeglasses here - there's not much drama in our line of work. So don't rain on our parade.) We will be open today (Friday) 10-6 and tomorrow (Saturday) 10-5. Even if there's a small amount remaining on your account we can probably figure out a way to help you. We're like the MacGyver of flex spending...besides who wants some nameless, faceless corporation keeping your money? That's what government is for. So keep your money someplace front of your eyes where you can see it. Happy New Year everybody!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are we open Christmas Eve? YES! We are open today.

We WILL be in today from 10-5. If you're like me and think it's not really a holiday unless you increase the level of difficulty by waiting until the very last minute to begin your gift shopping then this drink's for you. But before that why not stop in and pick up a gift certificate? (or 4). These rather thoughtful gifts even come with their own you know what that means?...NO wrapping required. Think about it... you can be in our shop and then back home, shopping completed, and ready to watch football before noon. Even indulge in an adult beverage. (or 4). Think of it as our gift to you.

Oh... and for those procrastinating about their flexible spending dollars, we haven't forgotten you either. Ask how we can help you maximize your remaining dollars by structuring your purchase over both the 2011/2012 calendar years. Unfortunately you can't buy a decades supply of geritol or advil anymore so let us make sure your money dosen't get lost...even if it's only a small amount we can help.

Hopefully we'll see everyone soon. If not today we will be in our regular hours next week:

Tuesday - Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. If you need an eye exam, Doc Larry is in Friday 10-6 and has a few openings still available. Call us @ 410.528.1877 to schedule a time.

We at Paris West hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frame O' the Day- Monument Lighting Edition: Blixen from Anne et Valentin.

No, that's not one of the reindeer pulling Santas' sleigh. That was Blitzen... besides that's not even correct. In the original poem from 1823- when Rudy was just a youngster- the original name was Blixem. Really, you can google it. Well Rudy can't since he dosen't use a computer...they didn't have those in 1823. In any event, these ARE in stock now. The frame, not the reindeer of course.