Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Arrival 6: Tiffany & Co.

There's something about the sight of a Tiffany blue box that gets adults giggling like pre-adolescent school girls... and that's just our lab manager Rudy. (pictured above doing his best celebutard impression.- sorry our resident supermodel Kendall is relaxing at her vacation home and her stunt double Aubrey is on a cruise with relative strangers. So this is as pretty as the staff gets at the moment. At least he's not wearing a dress.)

As one of the only shops in the state carrying the Tiffany line (and the ONLY one in Baltimore City), we're proud to offer a wide assortment of both opthalmic frames and sunglasses (most with polarized lenses.) These frames are made in Italy from the finest materials, some with semi-precious and precious metals. Some even have actual Tiffany diamonds. (as opposed to non-actual Tiffany diamonds, like the ones on E-bay)

All of the designs are inspired by the Tiffany & Co. jewelry designs and are both tasteful and unique. The acetates are in extremely rich and unusual colors and the metals are like pieces of fine jewelry. We currently have over 50 models in stock with more to follow. We'll also be having a 2 day trunk show with Tiffany and Bulgari some time in May. Check back as we get closer for the actual dates and times.

Ok... as I write this entry we need to reduce the # of frames that we have in stock by 3 as eyewear aficionado ,and co-founder of the hip-hop magazine "Live & Direct", Vernon T. is now the proud owner of 3 brand new pairs of Tiffany eyeglasses. (Including the platinum plate with swarovski crystals pictured above.) For the record Vernon never giggled during his visit, but he may have cracked a smile...just don't tell anyone.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Arrival 5: Bevel

Arriving late Friday and flying out the door by Saturday are designs from American design house Bevel (Actually one of the guys is a Brit but he lives in New York so close enough). Great colors + silly names + cool shapes = Bevel. Yes I said silly names, where have you seen frames with the names "tuchas", "gobsmacker" or "wojumacallit" in such colors as "citrus wood", "red stripe" (hooray beer!), or "mahogany silk" before? Cool hand polished acetates (rumored to be done by near extinct Japanese craftsmen), milled titanium, and their newest creation "beta-plast" make this a collection with something for everyone. The beta-plast are an exclusive design featuring extremely lightweight titanium core frames covered in the hand-polished acetate giving the wearer the bold look of zyl frames with the light weight durability of titanium. Extremely fashionable and super comfortable, the initial feedback has been very positive. Here's a sampling of what's here:

Pictured above are some petite sizes for smaller faces (like my mom, who already is calling about new specs...somehow she conveniently lost her other 15 free pairs...she's crafty my mom and it is Valentines day). Anyway here we have "Mazel Tov" in red stripe, "Fabulous" in black/magenta, and P.O.S. in brown mint. I'm not sure what "P.O.S" stands for but I'll go with "point of sale", you can fill it in anyway you prefer.

At the other end of the size spectrum are larger frames for the hard to fit gentlemen with larger heads...and, um, Aubrey. Pictured above are "M.Y.O.B." in citrus wood, "I.M.H.O." in dark chocolate/burnt umber and "Oleg" in tusk- no, not the album by Fleetwood Mac. We also have the aforementioned Aubrey (aka Kendalls' momma) wearing the "M.Y.O.B." in black diamond. It looks so good that they should have named it after her...In my humble opinion I'd call it the "P.I.T.A."... but maybe I should just mind my own business.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spexual Chocolate & FREE kisses

It's that time again...time for everyones' favorite made up holiday. No, not Ground Hogs day. No, not the Chinese New Year.(I know the chinese new year isn't made up, but I'm making a point here. Don't send Yao Ming over to kick my backside.) It's time for the staff here at Paris West to break out all of our red and pink frames and to give out FREE kisses.

For the entire month of February we're celebrating Anne et Valentin day. (Red frame pictured above- hot new arrivals from France, now in stock). Similar to Valentines day we'll be giving out free kisses (Hersheys- milk, dark and white chocolate) and facilitiating feelings of love and affection. (directed to eyewear of course). It's the only month of the year where you can pry a kiss out of us. Unless you're a plush stuffed animal, then you can get kisses from Kendall 24/7. In any event, from now til the 29th of February (leap year baby), if you stop in you can help yourself to a kiss or 2 - no purchase required. Of course if you're inclined to make a purchase we have some incentive. Just mention this blog post and we'll give you 20% off a new pair of sunglasses. So if you're looking for an original gift that won't derail your significant others New Years diet, or die in a matter of days, then give the gift of spex. That's right I said SPEX. Maybe a hot new Juicy Couture sunglass for her that will keep spreading the love long after the weather warms up. Or maybe a cool sophisticated John Varvatos pair for him that upgrades his look into THIS century. Not sure what to pick? No problem, buy a gift certificate. We'll even discount that too. For the mathematically challenged that means a $100 gift certificate can be had for a mere $80 or a $1000 one is a great buy at $800. (for those in an extremely giving mood). Don't have a valentine? No problem, celebrate your independence by getting yourself a gift...we'll even wrap it for you. Actually we'll give you a cool case and bag for it but you can pretend it's wrapped.

Disclaimer:(yeah I hate these too) some restrictions apply, not valid with other offers, some 3rd party insurance, or your supermarket frequent shopper card.

Now that that's out of the way, I mentioned Chinese New Year earlier. Last year was "Year of the Pig". Unfortunately, the pigs reign is coming to an end (I think the rat is next) and he's been looking for work. So without further ado I'm proud to intoduce our new Anne et Valentin day mascot... Cupig.

Man, I hope that rat dosen't come looking for work next year. I've already promised the groundhog a position in the marketing department.