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Lots of new stuff... Jee Vice, Paolo Seminara, Salt and more

Nothing says welcome back from vacation like a huge stack of new product waiting when you return. And I'm happy(?) to say I was not disappointed when I strolled in to the shop yesterday. I've begun the unpacking process and have posted some pics of new Salt, Paolo Seminara, and Nouvelle Vague on our facebook page. The new L.A. Eyeworks from earlier updates are also now in stock.

One new collection that's on its way is the sunglass collection from Jee Vice. Pictured above is the model worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the new "Sex and the City" movie.
Jee Vice is known for their bold colors and non conventional shapes...and the ones we have coming in are no exception.
The gold sparkle on this model is even better looking in person.
These...among others will be in about a weeks time... just in time for Summer.

NEW L.A. Eyeworks... coming soon

We were happy to welcome Louis from L.A. Eyeworks back to our shop yesterday. We were unable to see him at Vision Expo in New York and were excited to see all the new spring releases. (I was so excited I dressed up in pastel pink and blue and looked like an easter egg...I even had a tie on). I'm happy to say it was well worth it, well maybe not for Louis who laughed at me, but for the rest of us we were very impressed by what he showed us.
One of my favorites which I kept calling "Cloud" is actually "Cotton" (don't ask...I'm old)'s pictured above in matte black, honey brown, and chocolate brown/lavender. It's also pictured above on Kendall in a crystal turquoise. Call it whatever you want (I know I will), but it's a beautiful frame regardless.
Next up is "Rambler"... which I think was named after me and these meandering posts of mine. Pictured above in faux matte black wood, and two tone brown/grey.
This is "Masonette" …

NEW L.A. Eyeworks... coming soon (cont.)

This big and bold frame is the "O'Connell" which we ordered in crystal olive tortoise. Too bad they gave it a name that reminds me of my friend who gave me a broken toe for my 40th birthday... she didn't even bother to wrap it...oh well your toes are safe...I promise.
Say hello to "Shorty"...coming in in crystal brown with crystal blue temples.
Here's "Cathead" not to be confused with me aka "Fathead"... the one we're featuring is purrfect in crystal with goldlace. (really, did I just type "purrfect?...I'm truly sorry)
"Hitch"... in brown/crystal two tone and dark tortoise... it's the model Elvis Costello wears... really, I'm not making this up...check our facebook page if you don't believe me.
Finally we have Fiction model "Ska"... in matte black, chocolate tortoise and crystal grey/brown two tone. All of the L.A. Eyeworks/Fiction models are made from the finest quality materials and will be…