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New Arrival: J.F Rey and Boz

You may remember a previous post where I promised to update when the cool new arrivals from J.F. Rey/ BOZ arrived in our shop... ok, consider yourself updated...they're here.
Let's start with some Traction models... here's the 1131 in Matte Noir. One of the coolest mens frames we've seen in quite some time.
Above is the 1136 in Brown/Turquoise.
One of my favorites...the 1135 in Tortoise/Satin Gold with checkerboard interior. Yes...checkerboard...nice.

And finally the 2266 in Noir... it's the one that I'm wearing in the fist pic...don't worry the frame does not add 20 lbs to your appearance...that's my poor diet and bad genetics.

New Arrival: J.F Rey and Boz part 2

And now for the BOZ segment of our we have Aubrey (or Audrey to some of our customers who refuse to pay attention) wearing her newest frame the "Louna" in Noir.
Here's "Louna" again...without Aubreys head crammed into it.
Above we have "Lorette" in Sparkle Amber/Violet. (sounds like the lineup at a Gentlemens Club...or so I've heard...not that I have any firsthand information or experience...really Mom I don't, so don't call and yell at me)
Moving on... here is the "Kawa" in Tortoise/Bleu.
and last, but certainly not least we have "Lorette" in Tiger Eye/Bronze. There's a bunch more but I can't feature them always I say stop in and see them yourself.

Traction Productions...continued.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include a shot of another great arrival from Traction Productions. Here we have the "Pistel" in Noir with swarovski crystals. LOTS of crystals... for all you "Bawlmer" residents ...don't forget "Hon Fest" 2009 is just around the corner.( Hmm...I wonder how I'd look with a beehive hairdo??)

New Arrival: Traction Productions

After digging out of the recent snow, we were happy to have some new arrivals to dig into when we finally made it back in to work. One of the most interesting mini collections we have is the Cristal collection from french design house- Traction Productions. These handmade acetates are crystal clear with bold color outlines and are like nothing else on the market. (until some unoriginal hack company copies them eventually.) Pictured above we have the "Balboa" in Noir/Cristal. No doubt named after everyones favorite Philadelphian...Rocky Balboa. (yo Adrian).
Here is the "Khos" in Meleze/Cristal. Cool diamond shape will work well with a progressive lens.
Here's the "Bastille" in Bleu/Cristal. Perfect for Bastille Day (whenever that is) or any other occasion.
This is the "Palomina" in Rouge/Cristal. Another great shape for women.
And finally, the Palomina again in Tortoise/Citron Cristal. Stop in and check these out... but don't wait too long..…