New Arrival: J.F Rey and Boz part 2

And now for the BOZ segment of our we have Aubrey (or Audrey to some of our customers who refuse to pay attention) wearing her newest frame the "Louna" in Noir.
Here's "Louna" again...without Aubreys head crammed into it.
Above we have "Lorette" in Sparkle Amber/Violet. (sounds like the lineup at a Gentlemens Club...or so I've heard...not that I have any firsthand information or experience...really Mom I don't, so don't call and yell at me)
Moving on... here is the "Kawa" in Tortoise/Bleu.
and last, but certainly not least we have "Lorette" in Tiger Eye/Bronze. There's a bunch more but I can't feature them always I say stop in and see them yourself.


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