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Coming Soon: Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy

There's nothing like the day back after a holiday... especially when it seems like every sales associate is breaking down your door or blowing up your phone in an attempt to sell you the "latest and greatest" in eyewear. Having been in this city for coming up on 15 years (June 6th is our 15th year anniversary!), we've pretty much seen everything. Currently our inventory is north of 7000 frames...yes...7 we have to be a bit selective when we add new products. Yesterday we had the pleasure of being visited by our friend Stephen...who showed some new Mykita and JF Rey frames (which will be in SOON) and Michael who sells us Okki and Exalto frames...we also were impressed by 2 new collections that he's carrying...Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy. So impressed in fact that we wrote an order right away... and we are proud to announce that in a few short weeks we will be Baltimore's exclusive Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy dealer. These frames are beautiful, col

Now Playing @ ParisWest: Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye"

Actually it's Memorial day and nothing is really playing at Paris West at the moment... but at some point this WILL be heard in the shop. It's very mellow...a good song to sit by the pool and relax with a beer to. Speaking of which...why am I sitting here talking to you people??? Happy Memorial Day. more about " Now Playing @ ParisWest: Silversun Pi... ", posted with vodpod

New Arrival: Kirk Originals

A shout out to Jason Kirk...(thanks for the email, and YES...Aubrey's forehead is still available for advertising space...) Speaking of Aubrey...and her ever changing she is with a brand new color in the Kirk Heroes collection -Amber Brown to Blue. NO...that's not Mikey from American Chopper...that's Aubrey again with another new color in the Heroes collection...Black to White.'s Aubrey again...rocking a hair style lovingly referred to by me as "The angry Russian washwoman"...and's ANOTHER new Kirk color...Noir to Red Sparkle. Actually it's really not a new color but the first pair we had Aubrey took to a local wine festival and it went "missing". I call shenanigans...but no matter, it's back in stock for now. Here we have Aubrey again...wearing 4 new Kirk styles (the aforementioned 3 pairs and the Amber to Pink) with a hair style I've never seen before...I'd call it reception desk with faux mar

Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Trunk Show: June 12 and 13

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the FIRST EVER Baltimore area Oliver Peoples/Paul Smith/Mosley Tribes TRUNK SHOW on Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13. One of my best friends in this industry -Steve Kramer (pictured above, further proof that I need a better class of friends) will be bringing all the brand new 2009 optical and sunglass releases as well as all the other classic styles from these legendary collections. There will be some special promotions and (if I promise to be nice) Mista Steve has agreed to break out his famous catering skills. ( I won't be making any hairy, angry Martha Stewart jokes today...check back after the show for those).

Follow us on Twitter

Just because I REALLY have nothing better to do... I've created a twitter account so all 3 of you can monitor the latest and greatest happenings here at Paris West Optical. Actually I created the account over a year ago but I forgot to ever update it...not that I really had anything super interesting to share. In any event... if you'd like (yes Mom, this includes you) can get updates on upcoming events, sales, or new products by following us at . I promise not to send silly updates about what I ate for lunch or if my head hurts.

New Arrival: 2009 John Varvatos

FINALLY! The long wait is over and we have received our brand spanking new 2009 John Varvatos collection. For those who don't remember, John is a former GQ Designer of the year award winner. (Google him for more info...what do I look like? Wikipedia??) Pictured above we have Rudy-Poo in the V120 in ShinyDarkGunMetal, Miss K in the V323 in Tobacco/Horn and yours truly, Uncle Fathead in the V310 in Tortoise/Horn. Above is the V120 in Antique Brown, the V328 in Tortoise/Olive, and the V328S in Amber/Horn with Chocolate Sun Lenses. Last but not least is the V301 in Tortoise/Horn. the V328 in Black and the V330 in Brown/Horn.

The Many faces of Miss K

Much has made of our resident pocket-sized supermodel Kendall. Pretty much every customer has mentioned her... and her happy cute smile when they stop by. Kendall wants it known however that she's more than just another cute face...she's a dynamic performer...capable of a full range of emotions. In respect of her wishes we present the many faces of Miss K. (Letter S Edition)w/ cameo appearances from the NEW 2009 John Varvatos collection. "Sleepy." "Sad." "Surprised." Amazing. You will note, however, that my face never changes... I'm "Stupid" in every pic...some things can't be changed.