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Happy Black Friday!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We will be open for Black Friday 10-6 as well as Saturday 10-5. Doc Larry is in on Friday 10-6 and has a few appointment times still available. Call us at 410-528-1877 for availability.  So once you're done waiting 5 hours in line for the pleasure of saving $5 on that juicer that will get used once...please stop in and visit us for a wait free Black Friday experience. Speaking of which...I don't even like that term "Black Friday"... It sounds ominous or something. I think our (way more creative than me) friends at l.a. Eyeworks are on to something...Welcome to Hot Pink Friday!  WE do have lots of great new creations from l.a. Eyeworks (and Fiction) as well a plethora of other really cool and original designs that will make great gifts. And as always...GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE! (sorry for shouting...but nobody pays attention to me usually.) We hope to see you soon!

New arrivals from DITA... in stock now!