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Frame O' the Day: Chateauneuf from Bevel

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of "Frame O' the Day". Why Christmas Eve? Well why not? Besides I have nothing to do until Trader Joes opens and I can go buy our Christmas party food for the store today. YES...we are open 10-6...and YES there will be free food for everyone. (Well until we eat it all, and with myself and Rudy in attendance it will probably go fast.) So anyway, back to the frame... the "Chateauneuf" from Bevel. Why is it the frame of the day you ask? Well it's RED (vintage red officially)...and since it is Christmas isn't RED like festive or something? That and I wanted to type "Chateauneuf" as many times as possible. Well that and it's also wine and I look forward to drinking LOTS of it over the next few days that I spend with my lovely family. And when I say lovely in no way do I mean annoying or smothering. Really.

Oh... the frame is pretty damn cool, come see it and grab a free cookie or 3. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Paris West Optical!

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Frame O' the Day: Dita Grandmaster 2

Starting today we will start our soon to be famous "Frame O' the Day" feature here at Paris West Optical. Now don't get too excited... there's not going to be a frame for EVERY day. Or every other day... or any other days for that matter. I suffer from ADD and quite honestly I'll probably forget all about this by lunchtime... anyway... what was I saying again? Oh yeah, the frame in question is the Grandmaster 2 from Dita. Pictured above on Lebron James...and in stock now. (Not Lebron, he took his talents to South Beach).
This Japanese handmade beauty is also available as a sunglass...pictured above on Usher. (And when I say beauty I'm still referring to the frame, nothing against Usher... he's alright...I guess...but I don't think he's from Japan.) Stop in and try one on before, like Lebron in Cleveland, they're outta here.