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Christmas in July

Summertime...usually a quiet time in the optical industry. Time to relax, clean, organize, and prepare for the fall season. Somehow we didn't get that memo. We just received a ton (really a ton, I weighed it) of new releases from Bevel (pictured on Kendall), Anne Et Valentin, Oliver Peoples, Mosely Tribes, Paul Smith, Theo, Mikli, Maui Jim, Kaenon, Salt, Kate Spade, Takumi, Vanni, Derapage, Urband, Theory, Oakley, Mykita, and much more. So get out of the heat, stop in, grab a glass of Italian lemonade and check out what's new.

New Arrival 21: Traction Productions

We're pleased to announce that after a brief hiatus, we're carrying the Traction Production line again. The super funky and colorful line of handmade French frames had always been a hit with our clients, but we hadn't seen a sales rep since Ricky Martin was cool. (ok, I know Ricky Martin was never cool but it's late and I lost my sense of humor at the craps table in Atlantic City...along with most of my money and probably any shred of remaining dignity. If my girlfriend just could have rolled 6 the hard way...) Anyway... we're happy that we now have a great new sales rep and that the new products are absolutely stunning...stop in and check them out.

Now Playing at Paris West: Flobots - Handlebars

We're back. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We're currently unpacking new stuff from Theory and Traction Productions. We'll post pics soon. Until then enjoy the video...or stop by and Kendall will entertain you with her rendition. (repeating the words "no handlebars" over and over until your head explodes)