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Frame O' the Day: Davis from 141 Eyewear

I have a big head. No...not like a big ego, like literally a big head. Huge actually. I tell people it's because I have a big brain but I actually believe it's more because I have a big appetite. There's a better chance my head is full of mashed potatoes than brain matter but I'd never admit it to anyone. Well I guess I just did...but nobody reads this anyway. Except for my mom and she knows what a mental midget I am. (Maybe I was adopted.) Anyway those of us with large craniums have a hard time finding fashionable frames to cram our heads into. Every once in a while, however, the eyewear gods throw us a bone and a cool frame is produced that we can actually wear in public without fear of ridicule. I'd like to introduce you to "Davis" from 141 Eyewear...pictured above in "Black and Tan". (I love that color name, makes me want to have a beer.)

141 Eyewear is that cool company that donates a pair of eyeglasses for every one that they sell and I'…

Frame O' the Day: Crazy from Anne et Valentin

For those who know, work, date, live or are related to any of the staff here at Paris West, the selection of "Frame O' the Day" should come as no the "Crazy" from french designer Anne et Valentin. Unlike the rest of us, in this case it's crazy in a good way. The frame is handmade acetate and can be worn by a man or a woman. (I know, crazy right?)...and also like crazy it comes in several this case crystal gray with orange, tortoise with green and black with red. Stop in and check them medication or counseling required. But we do only have one of each.