New Arrival 9: L.A. Eyeworks/Fiction

"sleeping on the job"

First let me apologize for an almost 2 week gap between updates and for some delays in responding to various emails/questions. No, we weren't really sleeping on the job - well most of us anyway. We've just been super busy as the weather has warmed up and the new products roll in. The good news is that we're almost caught up and should be back on track... for at least a week anyway.
Now...back to what's new...not that L.A. Eyeworks is new to us-we've been fans for so long that we've acumulated frames dating back more than 20 years...that's right...they're so old they're vintage. (that's what I say about myself too but nobody pays any attention). Anyway, we're happy to say that for more than 2 decades those crazy (in the best sense of the word) ladies (Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi) at L.A Eyeworks have been putting out funky, eclectic specs that are timeless and classic while staying way off the beaten path. Their slogan is "A face is a work of art, it deserves a great frame". Our friend Louis stopped by recently and showed us what's new for '08. He also stopped to help model a pair with our resident hams Kendall and Rudy.

Here's a few stock photos of what's here...In descending order we have the award winning Eagle Rock and Silver Lake opthalmic frames and the Puri sunglass. All 3 models are pure titanium and are super light and comfortable while being heavy on style. Both the Eagle Rock and the Silverlake have a faux cork like finish and are like nothing you've ever seen before. For a full representation of the collection check out

I mentioned previously that we had some vintage L.A. Eyeworks...just to prove that I'm not talking out of my backside (not today anyway)'s a shot of two unused L.A. Eyeworks model "Harley" sunglasses from 1988...these beauties are French made classics with 5 barrel hinges and unbelievably vibrant colors...further proof that Gai and Barbara were/are way ahead of the curve. We've replaced the original lenses with brand new UV-400 sunlenses and they're ready to go...we can even put your prescription in them.


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