New Arrival: Volte Face

I think back about 100 years ago I posted that we were getting the French collection : Volte Face. Well... I have a confession to make. We got them. 2 months ago. I'm just a slacker...and getting our resident super model to pose for a decent picture nowadays is as easy as getting Rush Limbaugh to say someting nice about Barack Obama. So in order to expedite the process I gave Miss K. complete artistic control over the images we use on the blog (this one at least). Above is the Volte Face model: "Matt" in Amber Tortoise. I'm not sure who "Matt" is exactly but I think Kendall really captures his essence in the photo.
Here are the 3 color options that "Matt" comes in... note the stained glass effect on the temples.
Speaking of stained glass... here are models: "Nara" and "Dita" with 100% titanium fronts and hand carved temples filled with acetate.
Rounding out the collection we have "Cary", "Maje" and "Knit"... check out the interlocking acetate temples on "Knit" -extremely unique. As far posting goes, I promise to make more of an attempt to do so more frequently... but for now I need to go...Kendall is demanding chocolate milk and threatening to walk off the set. The fine folks at Volte Face should design a frame for her... and name it "Diva".


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