My apologies for a lack of updates thus far in the new year. As some long time customers may remember I used to bring my dog "Cujo" into the old store on a regular basis. Sadly Cujo lost his battle with heart disease a little over a week ago and we all had to say goodbye to him. For those who don't know his story, I referred to Cujo as the worlds most expensive free dog. (and the expression "so ugly he's cute" seemed to be created for him. I personally always thought he looked like the illegitimate love child of Brittany Spears and Cookie Monster). I found him (or he found me depending who you ask) when he ran in front of my car in a downpour back in November of 1999. Smelly, filthy and covered in fleas he looked like a large wet rat... and I wasn't too enthusiastic when my then girlfriend suggested that "I needed a puppy" and that I should give him a home. Fortunately for him and me, he was a happy and friendly dog who grew on me immediately. It turns out he was a runt, that probably was kicked out of the litter and managed to survive on the streets. Until I almost ran him over that night I have no idea what he did to eat.

Here's a picture of him with my brothers Rottweiler "Rocky" who he had fight with the first time they met which required 11 stitches...they did become good friends thereafter and I swear Rocky was a little scared of him after that.
Cujo was a shih-tzu runt who weighed less than 5 lbs and had a variety of ailments including strabismus (an eye muscle imbalance that makes the eyes turn outward), a little water on the brain, a huge tongue that didn't fit in his mouth, gum disease (which resulted in the loss/removal of half his teeth) and of course the heart disease that lead to a massive heart attack back in April of 2006. (that's when he stopped coming to work with me)
After the heart attack Cujo required liquid medications (he refused to take pills) that he needed twice a day (and made him pee every 5 minutes)... but he rebounded nicely and was back to his normal self in days and even survived an incompetent groomer cutting off a chunk of his tongue about 2 years ago.(you can see it in the first picture) As a longtime pet owner I can honestly say that pound for pound I've never seen a dog with more character, personality or toughness. He will be missed by all of us, including my cats, Kendall, and my Mom who referred to him as her special "grandchild". Thank you to all our customers who have sent condolences and well wishes. In closing, I don't want to preach but for anybody thinking about getting a pet I'd seriously recommend adopting or rescuing an animal from the SPCA, the Humane Society, or another shelter...just tell them Cujo sent you. I'll miss you buddy.


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