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Happy New Year!! (remaining 2011 schedule)

2 days left in 2011!! Did you max out your Flex Spending account?? No... not your credit card account (Hi Mom)... your flex dollars may pull a Cinderella and turn into a pumpkin at the end of the day Saturday if you don't act now. (Yeah... a little overly dramatic, but we sell eyeglasses here - there's not much drama in our line of work. So don't rain on our parade.) We will be open today (Friday) 10-6 and tomorrow (Saturday) 10-5. Even if there's a small amount remaining on your account we can probably figure out a way to help you. We're like the MacGyver of flex spending...besides who wants some nameless, faceless corporation keeping your money? That's what government is for. So keep your money someplace front of your eyes where you can see it. Happy New Year everybody!

Are we open Christmas Eve? YES! We are open today.

We WILL be in today from 10-5. If you're like me and think it's not really a holiday unless you increase the level of difficulty by waiting until the very last minute to begin your gift shopping then this drink's for you. But before that why not stop in and pick up a gift certificate? (or 4). These rather thoughtful gifts even come with their own you know what that means?...NO wrapping required. Think about it... you can be in our shop and then back home, shopping completed, and ready to watch football before noon. Even indulge in an adult beverage. (or 4). Think of it as our gift to you.

Oh... and for those procrastinating about their flexible spending dollars, we haven't forgotten you either. Ask how we can help you maximize your remaining dollars by structuring your purchase over both the 2011/2012 calendar years. Unfortunately you can't buy a decades supply of geritol or advil anymore so let us make sure your money dosen't get lost...even if …

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Frame O' the Day- Monument Lighting Edition: Blixen from Anne et Valentin.

No, that's not one of the reindeer pulling Santas' sleigh. That was Blitzen... besides that's not even correct. In the original poem from 1823- when Rudy was just a youngster- the original name was Blixem. Really, you can google it. Well Rudy can't since he dosen't use a computer...they didn't have those in 1823. In any event, these ARE in stock now. The frame, not the reindeer of course.



Frame O' the Day: Soixante+Un from Theo

Designed by Patrick Hoet and Serge Bracke, this is worth the selection alone for the comedy that is listening to me try to pronounce "Soixante". Really guys? you couldn't stick with something like frame # 6 or something so simpletons (meaning me) could seem less unsophisticated? (Check out that alliteration. Not bad for someone with a room temperature IQ.)

In any event, even a dullard (yes, me again) can appreciate the beauty of this green/yellow and orange tiger stripe cat-eye frame. Don't worry, our resident cat-eye expert, Cailin, has been kept at arms length as to prevent her from drooling on or absconding with the frame. But hurry- myself and Rudy are old and are prone to bribery with baked goods. Claim it today before we cave in.

Oh look!...cookies! I love cookies.

New arrivals from John Varvatos...

Beautiful sun and optical models have arrived... no word if Rudy will honor my request and grow out his hair like Questlove from the Roots...but we're hoping so.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope all of our customers have a happy Thanksgiving holiday. We will be closed Thursday in order to gorge ourselves on all of that delicious Thanksgiving food... (I wanted a Thanksgiving pizza and chocolate chip cookies but I was out voted...again). The good news is that if you can make it off of your couch we WILL be open both Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. Even Doctor Larry (pictured above...wait a minute, that's NOT Doctor Larry)... in any event the REAL Doctor Larry will be here 10-6 on Friday if you need a new RX or contact lens fitting. Call for appointment 410-528-1877.

Just curious...

Every now and then (and by that we mean EVERY week) we get emailed pics of various celebrities (or pseudo-celebrities) wearing a designers eyeglasses or sunglasses... like the "Hayes" from Mosley Tribes worn first by Demi Moore (above)... and later by her reportedly soon to be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher (below). Interesting... could the reason Demi is dumping him because he "borrows" her fashion accessories? I wonder who gets "Hayes" in the divorce agreement? The good news is that we have over 1500 unique sunglasses in stock at Paris there's no need to share with your significant other...stop in and claim yours...before your ex does.

"Whisper" from Sama. In stock now.

We have the Black/Teal and Black/Ink in stock now. More colors to follow or they can be special ordered. A great sunglass that is fully Rx-able. Stop in and try one on.

New L.A. Eyeworks...coming soon

It's been a little while since we've gotten some new stuff from L.A. Eyeworks... but that's about to change. Here's a sneak peak at some of the new models we will have in our grubby little hands in just a few short weeks. (Actually our hands aren't REALLY grubby we wash them...regularly...I swear.)
 Don't forget the Holiday season is right around the corner... one of these would make for a much sweeter gift than a tie... or a sweater vest. (We have gift cerificates available too).

Awards are cool...

...said in our best Beavis and Butthead voices. Quite honestly we've been around so long that we were in business when these two were first on TV. (Yeah... like almost 20 years ago or something)... but no matter how long we've been here, winning awards never seems to grow old. Unlike myself or Rudy...we have no problem with the growing (judging by our waistlines) or old part.
In all seriousness, (whatever that means), we appreciate the award and would like to thank all of the people who have helped us achieve it... our great staff, our vendors and sales reps who bring us the newest and coolest products, and most importantly our loyal customers- some of you have been there from the very beginning. We promise to continue to work as hard as possible to earn your support.

Thank you again,
Jordan and the entire staff here @ Paris West.

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Frame O' the Day: Oasis from BOZ

We were pleased to be visited by my good friend (and depressed Steelers fan- ha ha) Steven Spandau last week. Fortunately despite his questionable taste in football teams (how does someone from Brooklyn become a Steelers fan anyway?) he has exquisite taste in eyewear. He brought with him the brand new Fall 2011 collections for both  J.F. Rey and BOZ. Always a favorite around these parts, (I think Cailin drooled on at least 3 models) I'd go out on a limb and say that this release from this French design house could be the best to date. We have a lot to show you in stock...check out our facebook pages in the coming weeks for more, but one of the models that we all loved is the Oasis. In 4 unbelievable color combinations and with exquisite detailing on the temples these are like little works of art. We currently have all of the color options in stock...but that won't last long. Stop in and try one on soon. (we wiped the drool off...I promise)

Frame O' The Day: DILEM Model: OF

Those of you who were paying attention remember when we introduced you to the French collection Dilem. Oh? You mean nobody was paying attention? Welcome to my childhood (Hi Mom and Dad, I'm just kidding I swear)... anyway, back to Dilem. Each model comes with 2 sets of interchangeable temples (your choice) and the ability to purchase more if you desire...
 As you can see in the pictures, you can mix and match to go with any outfit or mood or even wear unmatched temples to show how much of a rebel you are. Kind of like how I wear mis-matched socks on occasion. But that was kind of an accident. And it was dark. And I might have had a drink...or four.
Moving on... we currently have the tortoise and crystal gray models in stock, but as you can see above the OF comes in 6 colors and we can special order anything that you want...if you're nice and pay attention, and don't laugh at my socks (at least not out loud).

Ton of NEW FALL Arrivals...

Please accept our apologies in not posting for bit. When we were not dodging rain drops, or waiting out hurricanes or surviving earthquakes we were actually busy having our best summer ever. The good news is that we sold a ton of product... which can only mean one thing...we had to replace all of it with even MORE product... This Fall season might be the largest collection of new models that we've ever presented at one time. Quite honestly there's not even enough room to store much less display it I guess we'll have to sell some. (what a concept). I took a bunch of (my trademark poor quality) photos to try and give everyone an idea of what's in stock now...but it's just the tip of the iceberg. (insert requisite Titanic joke here). So without further ado (and devoid of my usual attempts at being witty...besides the ones already in this post) is a glimpse at what we have in stock now. (with a few surprises still to come). Above we have models from …

Fall Arrivals...continued

Zero G
Bevel titanium
Eye DC
Barton Perreira
ic! Berlin

Fall Arrivals...continued

the "Matt" collection from Alain Mikli
More from Chanel
Oakley Opthalmic (we have NEW sun as well)
limited edition Iyoko Inyake

Fall Arrivals...continued

Retro collection from Spectacle Eyeworks.
Pussy Galore... stop snickering, really that's the name. Dad get your mind out of the gutter.
Salt sun
Salt titanium
Salt acetate

Fall Arrivals...continued

Orgreen Optics
Absolute Vintage reproductions from Spectacle Eyeworks.
Handmade Brasak acetate from Mikado of Germany.

Fall Arrivals...continued

Sama sun
Derek Lam sun
Derek Lam
Ok..that's enough for now... more to come.