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Final Days of 2015! Store schedule and more.

Really? The year is almost over? That's what the calendar says anyway...but it also says it's the 1st day of winter and it's been like 60 degrees outside so what does the calendar know anyway?

 In any event we are down to our last 7 days of business for the year... so these are your last chances to come and use those expiring FSA dollars. Or to buy that amazing and unexpected gift for that person that has everything. Or because you know, you actually need new glasses.

 We also have lots of sunglasses in stock too (both prescription and non-prescription). Check out the all new Kaenon collection (downtown) and both Maui Jim and Oliver Peoples West (both downtown and Bel Air).

 Lots of colorful and unique hand made european designs that can't be found in the mall and aren't made in China like the knock-offs sold online.

 But that's enough babbling from me (for this year anyway), so without further ado here are the FINAL store days and hours for 2015!

Tuesday 12/2…

Holiday Gift Guide Volume 2 - Bel Air Edition: Oliver Peoples, Jono Hennessey and Zen Barcelona

It's Small Business Saturday! You know what that means right? Of course, you do. You shake off your turkey induced stupor, hop in your car, and drive to your nearest Wal-Mart/Best Buy/Target/Mall and spend an hour looking for a parking space for the right to wrestle with your neighbors for that $36.89 TV or limited edition toaster oven/blender/hair dryer.

No... not really.

It means you support your locally owned and home grown small businesses that provide jobs, services and unique products for your community. And in this case helps Aubrey feed her 3 adorable (and hungry) children. (yes this is a gratuitous attempt to tug at your heart strings... if it doesn't work I'm breaking out pictures of sad puppies and kittens next time)

Besides... we have lots of new beautiful items in Bel Air ...including new limited edition silk embedded frames from Australian designer Jono Hennessey.

Also some funky interpretations of classic styles from Spanish design house - Zen Barcelona. A…

Holiday Gift Guide. Volume 1- Downtown Edition: DITA, Bevel, Blake Kuwahara

As we head towards the Holidays at a breakneck pace (Mentally I'm still in July...of 2001) it's time to start planning what to buy your significant and insignificant others for the Holidays. Or, if you're lucky and you have a stockpile of expiring Flexible Spending Dollars, you can plan on what to get for yourself.
 Since we have 2 locations (YES, really... that was so 2013) and they don't have identical inventories we will be doing various updates for both locations. This is for the one downtown...Bel Air will have lots of beautiful options available as well (some will be featured in forthcoming blog posts and on Facebook). Also look for a new store renovation (and a new haircut for Aubrey... maybe)

 In any event lets start with some old favorites: Bevel and DITA as well as a new collection from one of our all time favorite designers: Blake Kuwahara.

 We have beautiful optical and sunglass options from all 3 collections in the shop if there's a family m…

Gearing up for Fall.

Sorry for the extended time between posts... we've been too busy celebrating our 20th anniversary -us and the Ravens arrived about the same time, for the record we were here 1st :)   (by a few months anyway).
For a more regular update please visit (and LIKE) our FACEBOOK page as it's updated weekly.
So what do we have planned for the next 20 years? Glad you asked... I'm actually planning on taking a nap.

But before that I can promise you that we will be bringing in an awesome assortment of the coolest, most stylish and unique eyewear that the independent luxury market has to offer.
Among the new arrivals for fall include the first ever Paris West Optical private label collection (Limited Editions and ready to wear are here now). Also we will adding the Zen Barcelona collection in a matter of weeks. (pictured below)

Already in attendance are beautiful designs from Dita, Thom Browne, JF Rey, BOZ, Alain Mikli, Bevel, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Mykita, Lindberg, Philippe Stark, O…

Happy Valentines Day! (our Spex are sweet but calorie free)

It's that time of year again...the point on the calendar that makes many mens' blood run cold with fear and dread. I'm talking about the end of football season of course...a close second on the list is the age old quandary of what original idea you're going to come up with for Valentines day. (I'm told a case of beer doesn't qualify as original OR romantic...what a bunch of crap.)

 If you're still not sure what to get your significant (or insignificant) other or others (no judgement), for this holiest of all made up commercial Holidays... wait, did that sound cynical?

hmmm... what did I want to say again??
look a cookie, I'll be right back.

oh, yeah, so anyway...if you want an original gift that won't die in a week or help spur the onset of diabetes then consider giving the gift of SPEX (eyeglasses, sunglasses and gift certificates available). Who knows, maybe you can drop the P shortly thereafter. (if you're into that sort of thing. I just wan…

Spring Shades from Stella McCartney

It's never too soon to start thinking about your new Spring Sunglasses...the entire collection from Stella McCartney (among others) are now in the shop. Rihanna unfortunately is not. But our invitation remains open :)