Coming Soon: Gail Spence Re-edition

We get about 1 or 2 inquiries a month about the old classic Gail Spence colorful aluminum specs. In the 80's and 90's we couldn't keep these in stock...then without explanation...they were discontinued. Don't ask me why, nobody consults with me on these things...I'm kind of like a mushroom...kept in the dark and fed a bunch of crap. And that was just my childhood.
Anyway, the good news is somebody at Pro Design woke up one day and decided to re-issue the Gail Spence collection. Not only 1, but 3 styles will be offered in 4 color combinations and 2 lens shapes each.
The new models are slightly smaller in scale to the original and most importantly will feature a new and improved temple screw which will allow much better adjusting and tightening than the first collection. The first of these beauties will start rolling in by June 1st, but expect demand to be don't wait long.


SheylahS.O said…
Good Day, I have an original in the case and I was wondering if they are worth anything?

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