World Series Upgrade Sale!

I apologize for the lack of new updates on the blog as I've been distracted by October baseball and my hometown teams' quest to end 28 CRAZY years of frustration and disappointment. (sounds like my love life but I don't want to go off on a tangent here).
The bottom line is that neither rain, nor bitter cold, nor Bud Selig (and his hideously bad eyeglasses), nor the cinderella Tampa Rays could stop Charlie Manuel and the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies.

Big thanks to Cade and his brother at TicketStock, who after a few mis-steps getting the tickets to us, hooked my brother (the better looking , younger one above) and I up with an upgrade for the festivities. I just hope it takes me less than 28 years to pay off these tickets.

No, that's not a tomato...that's my fat "Fightin' Phils" rally towel though.

Congratulations again to the entire Phillies roster, the city of Philadelphia and my Dad... who I think has seen each and every one of the Phillies record 10,000 losses. Speaking of upgrades... mention this blog post when you come in the shop and we will upgrade your purchase for free. (free Crizal anti reflective or transitions lenses at no charge). Hurry...this offer ends Saturday November 8th. Must mention offer at time of sale.
We now return you to regular optical related blog posts.


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